Photo Challenge #308

Last week’s Photo Challenge took readers on a romp around town.

From Sasco Creek and Kowalsky Farm to Winslow Park, Canal Street, Earthplace, White Barn Theater and a slew of preserves (Haskins, Newman-Poses, Leonard Schine), readers tried to identify exactly where the trees, flowers and plants in Chip Stephens’ photo could be found.

The answer — after a couple of hints from yours truly — is: Partrick Wetlands.

That’s the good-sized property off Wilton Road, not far from the Y and the Red Barn. Developers have had their eyes on it for a while. So far, it’s remained undeveloped.

Just like — surprise! — so much else in Westport, as readers noted in the list above.

Click here to enjoy this often-overlooked, but always appreciated, untouched property. And congratulations to Wendy Crowther: the first (and only) reader to nail the challenge.

Here’s this week’s image. It could have been taken anywhere in Westport — but where is it exactly? If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tom Lowrie)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #308

  1. Sherwood Island?

  2. I think that is Sherwood Island

  3. Jacque O'Brien

    From Beachside Avenue overlooking Burying Hill Beach and Sherwood Island beach.

  4. from Beachside Avenue looking out over the sound to Burying Hill Beach

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Beachside avenue just passed frost point towards GFA

  6. Correct, Jacque and Rob — Beachside Avenue, looking west to Burying Hill (where at last one person drives her car up the hill to look out at the water).

  7. My thoughts exactly of someplace on Gold Coast beach side looking south

  8. Beachside Avenue, looking west to see Burying Hill Beach & jetty and then on to Sherwood Island State Park.

  9. So pretty- is this spot accessible to the public? I’ve never been to this vantage point & would like to. Im also interested in learning more about the 1st settlements 350 years ago- is that info something the former Westport Historical Soc. would have? Thank you all & happy Thanksgiving!

    • I believe it is private property. But bikers, joggers and walkers regularly pass by. You can park at Burying Hill Beach — it’s close!