Unsung Heroes #163

Alert — and very, very grateful — “06880” reader Heidi Curran writes:

The other day  I lived a nightmare when my dog Milo went missing from Winslow Park.

After 20 minutes of searching with a couple of incredibly kind strangers, we learned that a dog fitting his description had been hit by a car on Compo Road North and Tamarac.

A dog walker named Sarah had seen him, stopped to try and catch him, then witnessed the accident when he ran across the road. She lost him, but had the foresight to alert Animal Control and post the details on Facebook’s Westport Front Porch page.

The power of social media! I immediately posted on Westport Front Porch too.

Amie Peck, a resident of that area, spread the word very quickly. Before we knew it, many of my good friends and many good strangers were mobilized to find Milo.

I literally heard Milo’s name called out all over town.


He somehow made his way up to the area of North Avenue and Terhune Drive. I got a call around 2 p.m. from Caroline Luke Ugolyn. She tried her best to catch him, but he was frightened and disoriented.

Again, friends and neighbors came to search the area. More people got involved, making posters, sending texts, offering to buy food, contacting other friends and neighbors to get the word out.

At dusk we were still searching. As darkness and fog descended, people were out calling his name.

At 8 p.m. I received a text from my friend Sarah Daw. She me in touch with Laura and Eily Tucker. I couldn’t believe it: They had him!

They were on North Avenue and Terhune. 9-year-old Eily was feeding him treats, while Laura had him contained. Thankfully my husband and son were near there. They got to him in seconds.

He has been checked by the vet. While he’s a little sore and exhausted, he has no injuries. We are beyond delighted to have him home safe and sound.

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed with love and gratitude I am for the communities of Westport, Weston, Wilton and beyond. The incredible outpouring of concern on social media, the advice, the ideas, the sharing of information and the people involved with his search was simply breathtaking.

Thanks to everyone for your messages, whether by text, phone calls or Facebook posts.

Without everyone’s help we would not have found him unharmed. I hope through “06880” I can reach every person involved — friends, families and strangers — to convey our thanks and gratitude for everything you have done for us.

The Winslow Park dog community.

It’s impossible to name every person, but here are a few:

  • Sarah, the lady who initially spotted him and got the word out
  • Marnee, the kind lady from the dog park
  • Ana the dog walker, and the Winslow dog walking community
  • Kristina Andrew and Malcolm Boyd
  • Andrew Kindt
  • Aimee Peck
  • Erika Sales
  • Anne, Eugene and Cameryn Brink
  • Lucy Dasbach
  • Lori Kosut
  • Katie Lynch
  • Mark Rubino
  • John Karrel
  • Linda and Verity Abel
  • Laura and Eily Tucker
  • Caroline Luke Ugolyn
  • Sile Marrinan
  • Suzanne Knesich
  • Stacy Greiss
  • Alex, Dave and Ryan Cirasuolo
  • Lisa Aldridge and family
  • Lisa Sabino
  • Celia from the dog park
  • Silvia and Todd Coleman
  • The Polys
  • So many kind strangers, neighbors and Facebook friends!

I am so sorry if I have not mentioned you. You know who you are, and we are forever grateful.

12 responses to “Unsung Heroes #163

  1. I’m so happy the little doggie is safe! I have often wondered if it might be worthwhile to have Winslow Park fenced in (most dogs parks are). I myself have dogs who love to run and don’t always obey commands to stay in the area. The roads near there are quite scary (obviously). Thoughts?

  2. The alert dog walker “Sarah” was my dog walker Sarah Marceau. She is awesome and deserves kudos … and a plug: happystaysllc.com

  3. Happy to know this story ended well. What an amazing and caring community we live in!

  4. Cristina Negrin

    I loved reading this story (with tears in my eyes from start to finish)

  5. Wendy Goldwyn Batteau

    I followed all this on facebook – thank goodness he is back with you and all are OK. And thank goodness for this community!

  6. I knew the “dog walker” had to be Sarah Marceau (happystaysllc.com) who is not only the loveliest person, but she cares for all dogs as if they were her own!!!

  7. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Great story…great people. 🙂

  8. It’s possible, it could happen one day. Great practice for treating people as good as we treat our pets. I can hope.

  9. A special shout-out to Ana Rogers on this one. She knows so many in the community; and with her vast network she quickly mobilized so many us including my wife and I, along with other fellow neighbors to search & call for Milo. Ana kept us informed all the way up to the good very news that Milo was back home. Thanks Ana, for knowing what it takes to find a missing pup again. She’s clearly one of Westport’s “Unsung Heros”!

  10. wonderful tale and outcome…and Milo is a BEAUTY.

  11. Bobbi Essagof

    So glad everyone is safe and. home. Glad the system of great people worked!