Halloween Store Painting Windows Announced

Once upon a time, kids soaped up car windows on Halloween. (That was the “trick” part, if they didn’t get — or didn’t like — their treats.)

Today we live in a much gentler society. So the only windows painted this year were courtesy of the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce’s annual contest.

Nearly 100 children participated. They painted 55 store windows, all over town. Both are records.

Judges Ruth Mannes and Anne Greenberg call the competition “fierce. It was clear that all the kids who participated really put their all into their artwork,”

The winning windows get ribbons. The winning artists get a certificate — and a gift card to Donut Crazy. How’s that for a treat!

And the winners are …


SCARIEST: Perri Schleef, grade 5, Weston Elementary School (Baker Graphics)

BEST HALLOWEEN THEME: Calvin Carreras, grade 1, Long Lots; helpers Julian Carreras and Aaron Slomich (1st Nail Spa)

MOST ORIGINAL (tie): Caroline Hammond, grade 2, Saugatuck (Stiles Market)

Chloe Robbin, grade 2, Long Lots (Fleet Feet)

Middle School 

SCARIEST: Sophie Jacques, grade 6, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School (Stephen Kempson)

BEST HALLOWEEN: Sally Nathan, grade 6, Bedford (Cycleology)

MOST ORIGINAL: Hailey Kiperman, grade 6, The Southport School (Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy)

High School 

Most Original

Ella Schweizer: Grade 9, Brien McMahon HS, Norwalk (Greens Farms Spirit)

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