Roundup: Busted Chops, Haiku, Suite Tooth, More

Tonight, Church Lane celebrates its closure to traffic with music.

Busted Chops plays funk and soul between Spotted Horse and Urban Outfitters, from 6 to 9 p.m. Bring your friends — and masks!

Busted Chops takes over tonight, fro 6 to 9 p.m.

First there were planters. Now comes haiku.

This weekend, the Westport Arts Advisory Committee’s is placing 20 lawn signs throughout downtown. Each contains a photo of Westport, and a haiku by town poet laureate Diane Lowman.

Rotating lawn sign “art shows” are designed to keep downtown visitors inspired and smiling during the pandemic. Here are 2 signs — still packaged — for the first round.

Among the Westport Garden Club’s many roles: maintaining the “Beach Buds” garden at the entrance to Compo Beach.

Yesterday they added more color, through their #FridayFlowers bouquet. They came from Ginger Donaher’s garden.

So even if you arrive too late this weekend and find the parking lot closed, you’ll have something to smile about.

(Photo/Topsy Siderowf)

It’s a syrupy name, but it does the job. SuiteTooth — already active in New York City and the Hamptons — has just started working in Westport. They solve  a big obstacle to visiting the dentist — it’s inconvenient (especially now, during the pandemic) — by offering at-home preventative dental care (cleanings, exams, X-rays and sealants), plus cosmetic services like whitenings.

Their mobile dental suite can be set up inside a home, outside, or in a pergola or pool house. (You do have a pergola, right?) They just need an 8×8 space, electricity, WiFi and a bathroom.

For more details, click here or call 347-256-1445.

And finally … it’s already August. Can September be far behind?


4 responses to “Roundup: Busted Chops, Haiku, Suite Tooth, More

  1. Hanne Jeppesen

    This song almost more than any other reminds me of Westport. As those who read Dan’s blogs probably know that I was an au pair in Westport in 1967-68. In July of 1968 I met a Weston native (Steve Gjuresko) in Westport, we hit it off right away and started to date. He was on 3 week leave from an air force base in Maine. We spend as much time together as possible, when he left he said “see you in September” I believe Labor day would be the next time he could come back to Westport. We dated for 2 years and stayed in contact for many years, last heard from him in Nov. 2016. He passed away about 6 month later. I can not hear the song “See you in September” without thinking of Steve and Westport. Sweet, wonderful memories from my youth, of which Westport was a big part.

  2. Can we see the 20 lawn signs online?