Pics Of The Day #1202

Church Lane will be closed from Elm Street to the Post Road, through the end of August.

That gives pedestrians more room — and restaurants like Spotted Horse, Manna Toast and Amis the chance to put tables in the street.

To kick off the new look, the Busted Chops band played funk and soul tonight.

It was just the way developers envisioned the area to look, a few years ago.

Without, of course, the masks and hand sanitizers.

(Photos/Dan Woog)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1202

  1. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    In the military we subscribe to the ‘adapt and overcome’ concept. This is an example. Good luck folks.

  2. Roseann Spengler

    Fun evening. Thanks Dan for sharing the photos. Hope there will be more nights of live music on Westport Streets.

  3. Finally, Westport is becoming what it used to be—fun. A place where you don’t have to shop but just be with other people and enjoy life. Anybody remember those days? Church Lane and other select streets should be closed to traffic at least while the warm (and nice) weather lasts. How about October? And guess what? People actually found places to park and, OMG, we all walked. Very nice evening and experience.

  4. Patricia McMahon

    Just wonderful !!!!

  5. Elaine Marino

    My daughter and I ate sushi outside tonight on Church Lane while listening to Busted Chops. Lovely night, great music and a fun vibe. Just what downtown needs!