Photo Challenge #291

Every Westporter knows Compo Beach.

Many know Old Mill; most know Burying (or is it Burial?) Hill Beach. Unless you live on Saugatuck Shores, you’re probably unaware of Canal Beach.

Of course we’re also blessed with Sherwood Island, the beautiful state park on Long Island Sound between Burying Hill and Old Mill.

But Alvord Beach? Who ever heard of that?

Hardly anyone.

It was news to me too when Amy Schneider sent a photo of it. Turns out that’s the official name of “East Beach” — the section of Sherwood Island closest to (and separated only by a channel from) Burying Hill. (Click here to see.)

“Where is Alvord Beach?” was last week’s question, accompanying Amy’s photo.

Jonathan Maddock and Jalna Jaeger correctly identified the image as Sherwood Island. But only Chris Swan knew the exact location there.

How did Chris — one of the state park’s biggest fans — have the answer?

He looked in his membership package, from Friends of Sherwood Island.

So who was Mr. (or Ms.) Alvord?

That’s still a mystery. If you know, click “Comments” below.

Which is exactly what you should do if you know where you’d see this week’s artsy, almost-painting-like (but vaguely familiar?) Photo Challenge:

(Photo/Harrison Gordon)

26 responses to “Photo Challenge #291

  1. Best designed small house in 1988 at the corner of King’s Hway and Rte 33.

    • If so, I have never really looked at it closely from that perspective. I was thinking Mill Pond but, if it were on Mill Pond, I’m sure you would have answered that. The house by Rt 33 certainly has a great design facing the road.

  2. Wendy Cusick

    Saugatuck River looking West from sidewalk along Parking Harding Plaza. The road behind the house is Rt 33 or Wilton Rd

  3. The Reynolds house on Wilton road? #84. Just south of the “best little house” on Wilton Road

  4. Susan Iseman

    Correct its down from the corner of KHN and Rt 33. The architect designed it so that the owners would have a full view of the river.

  5. Kristin Schneeman

    View won’t look the same if Garden Homes wins it’s lawsuit to build a 19-unit apartment building to the right of that house on the edge of the marsh. 😡

  6. I want to change my vote to what Bob Grant posted:

  7. This is an exceptionally easy one Saugatuck river taken from the Canal Street side facing the award-winning architecturally designed home on the corner of Kings Highway

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Main st back lot looking out towards riverside where save the children building was

  9. Ralph Balducci

    Looking west across from Gorham Island to a home on Route 33.

  10. All correct. It was pretty easy, I guess!

  11. Diane Silfen

    Looking from the east side of the river to the west above the Ruth Steinkraus bridge

  12. Seth Braunstein

    The entry to Burrying Hill Beach sort of opposite GFA.

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  13. James Weisz

    From the pedestrian wooden walkway into the saugatuck next to Parker Harding parking lot

  14. Seth Schachter

    View looking west -To Wilton road behind house- Saugatuck River. MAybe taken from Parker Harding Lot.

  15. Ken Gilbertie

    Duck Haven looking across the Saugatuck River towards Wilton Road.

  16. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Downtown. Foot bridge near Gotham Island. And it has recently been repaired so much safer now. Wonderful view of the Saugatuck from there. A favorite spot!

  17. Jalna jAEGER

    Gorham island looking west

  18. Seth Goltzer

    Fortunately , the President just rolled back the onerous 8-30G regulations that were put in place to destroy the Suburbs. Hopefully , these ridiculous Housing proposals can be thrown out…..and save the natural beauty of scenes like this.

  19. MaryAnn Meyer

    Here is a link with information on Nelson Alvord. His home, built in 1840 still stands on Greens Farms Road not too far from the GF train station.

    • Amy Schneider

      Great research!! Pretty cool! The name of the beach showed up on my phone when I took the photo.

  20. Mary Ann Batsell

    That is looking west from Kings Hwy
    North across the Saugatuck River somewhere
    Around those medicalBuildings and Duck Haven and the soon to be Replaced bridge looking at the stone and brown newish house on Wilton Rd in the background.

  21. Suzanne Wilson

    View from my rowboat when I lived on Gorham Island!

  22. Tracy MacMath

    I remember when this house was built. I’ve admired it since then.

  23. My brother Steve Turner took photos of it for Architectural Digest 🙂