Roundup: PPE Trash; Comet; More

Westporters’ habit of dropping our trash wherever we want has caught the eye of the New York Times.

In fact, it’s the first anecdote in a story on a growing worldwide problem: PPE litter.

Yesterday’s story begins:

Helen Lowman looks at litter a lot. It’s her job. But while walking her dog in Westport, Conn., in March, she noticed an alarming trend. First she passed some dirty wipes on the ground. Then there were gloves. And finally a mask. Four months later, she said the litter of personal protective gear has only gotten worse….

“This pandemic is causing the face of litter to change,” said Ms. Lowman, chief executive of Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit group that organizes cleanups. “We’re seeing a real shift in what is in the litter stream.”

Click here for the full story. Then clean up after yourself!

Seth Schachter created this collage from discarded gloves and masks he saw, in and around downtown.

Want to see the comet Neowise — bright and visible for the next couple of weeks —  but not sure where to look?

Click here. Hat tip to Chris Swan. “06880”‘s go-to guy for much information now adds “astronomer” to the list.

Comet Neowise, as seen from Saugatuck Elementary School (Photo/Elyse Heise Photography)

And finally … the Beastie Boys famously belted, “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).” Governor Cuomo disagrees. Based on recent news out of Greenwich and Darien, he has a point. Westport, stay smart — and safe. (But you can still enjoy the song.)

4 responses to “Roundup: PPE Trash; Comet; More

  1. Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

    The people who live in Westport are SO good about SO many things but we can always do better. This town has trash cans everywhere unlike so many other towns. I am guessing much of the masks fall out of pockets , handbags or off of our ear (it’s a look- the mask dangling from one ear). The gloves are another story- I think those are being thrown on the ground.

    • Jim Waldron

      Kathleen, why such a passive/aggressive reply? What towns are you referencing?

  2. Susan Iseman

    Agree! I’ve been noticing this for months as a daily walker. The “new litter” from Covid-19 is competing with cans, bottles, paper & plastic cups- you name it. And of course, cigarette butts – after all, why stink up your car? Ugh.

  3. We have lived in Rye, Greenwich, Darien and Westport (slowly moving along the coast, likely Madison next), and I noticed that among all the towns, Rye (city) and Darien people are best about residents keeping public spaces tidy and general courtesy (excl the beach itself in Rye which is accessible to the larger Rye town). Darien residents were obsessive about it in fact and polite to a T. Greenwich and Westport have been the worst offenders in obnoxiousness and hubris. You would think these towns all draw similar types of people, so I always found it fascinating how different people acted in this respect.