Photo Challenge #290

Our “06880” Photo Challenges are meant to be fun: I post an image, you guess where it is.

I have to crop many submissions creatively. Last weekend’s, though, was a rarity. It was both challenging and artistic.

David Squires’ shot showed a gate with black waves, undulating against a background of green grass and blue sky. (Click here to see.)

It was visually arresting. And it was familiar to Wendy Brown, Jonathan McClure, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Wendy Cusick and Stephanie Mastocciolo. All knew it can be seen on Beachside Avenue, opposite Greens Farms Academy. The look is modern, but the view is classic.

This week’s Photo Challenge is also a bit different. The view is of a Westport beach, obviously — but what’s its official name? Click “Comments” if you know.

PS: No Googling. This is tougher than it looks.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #290

  1. Burying Hill Beach?

  2. Saugatuck Shores?


    Old Mill Beach at Hillspoint

  4. Jonathan Maddock

    Burying Hill Beach

  5. Diane Silfen

    Saugatuck Shores

  6. Jonathan Maddock

    Oh, wait… isn’t that Burying Hill Beach on the other side of the jetty in the background?
    So is this Sherwood Beach?
    I’d like to look up the name of the beach on Sherwood Island, if there is one, but I know that would be a cheat.

  7. Jonathan Maddock

    Well, while I won’t mention it because I cheated, I do think it’s “Sherwood Beach” (insert correct name >HERE<).
    Interestingly enough, the map online incorrectly (as far as I know) named the beach in the background "Burial Hill Beach", not Burying Hill Beach.

  8. Jonathan and Chris are closest. But there is an official name for East Beach — what is it? No cheating!

  9. Bill Shaner

    Burial hill beach

  10. Jalna Jaeger

    East beach Sherwood island