Photo Challenge #289

Last week’s Photo Challenge was out of this world.

Well, out of Westport, anyway.

Trace Burroughs’ shot of a “Westpoort” sign was taken in Amsterdam. (Click here to see.)

Dan Vener, Peggy O’Halloran, Arthur Hayes, Jack Marshall, Andrew Colabella, Doug Fierro, Robert Fox, Barry Cass, Lawrence Joel Zlatkin, Amelie Babkie and Tracy MacMath all knew the Dutch connection.

Peggy added this helpful link, from Wikipedia:

Westpoort (Western Gateway or Western Port) is a borough (stadsdeel) of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The borough covers the Port of Amsterdam, the main harbour and industrial area of the city, and is located in the north-western part of Amsterdam. It is divided in the industrial areas of TeleportSloterdijk areas I, II and II, De Heining and the harbour area (Havengebied).

While the borough has very few permanent residents, it serves as corporate headquarters of over 1,500 Dutch and foreign companies that operate in the Netherlands. Therefore, approximately 45,000 people commute to the area for work on workdays, making it the largest commuter destination within city limits.[1]

As a primarily business district, Westpoort does not have its own district committee like the other boroughs do. Instead, it is governed directly by the central municipal council, as a port and industrial park rather than a neighborhood.

The northern border of the area is formed by the North Sea Canal. The district borders the boroughs of West and Nieuw-West and the municipality of Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude (including the town of Halfweg).

As for the spelling: the double “o” in Dutch is pronounced “oh,” not “ooh.” So my last name — which is Dutch — rhymes with “vogue,” rather than “voooog.” Think “Roosevelt” or “Moog” (the synthesizer guy).

Don’t worry, though. I’m used to people mispronouncing my name. I even do it myself!

Today’s Photo Challenge is both interesting and artistic. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/David Squires)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #289

  1. Beachside Avenue (near GFA)

  2. Jonathan McClure

    East of Burying Hill Beach on Beachside Ave.. gate to side yard.. overlooking sound

  3. Fabulous shot!

  4. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Beachside Avenue.! Beautiful!

  5. Wendy Cusick

    Beachside Ave

  6. Stephanie Mastocciolo

    Beachside Avenue!

  7. Bill Strittmatter

    Interesting about pronunciations. Apparently Moog, the person, goes with the long O while Moog, the company, goes with the Moo pronunciation which is usually how I have heard others say your name. Sorry if I’ve ever mispronounced it.

    I, also, have long given up on bothering to correct the the mispronunciation of my name. While it is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, its long enough with enough consonants that maybe 50% of folks inadvertently change a few letters along the way. I have often thought if asked to say is pronounced “Smith” just to add to the confusion.

    • Interesting, Mr. Strottlemaster. What’s also intriguing about my name: At least once a day, either in conversation or even writing, I am called “Doug.” This happens with people who know me well, too. I can only surmise that they are mashing together my first and last names. It happens so often, it’s bizarre.

  8. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Dan, I am glad to say that I am pretty sure that I have never called you anything but Dan. Although, now that you have spilled the beans, I just may forget and call you by the wrong name. I hope not but, one never knows.

    • You are lucky you have an easy name. However, I have seen your dad’s nickname written as both “Nooky” and “Nookie.” Which is it?!

  9. Debbie O'Malley

    Across from GFA – part of Harvey’s old compound?

  10. Carissa Simon Baker

    Harvey W. has a place in Westport?????!

    • Wendy Cusick

      Yes. He’s been on Beachside since 1994 the entrance is next door to Burying Hill Beach.
      Andrew Bentley who owns other properties on Beachside bought out Weinstein. Mr Bentley just put those properties up for sale I just noticed.
      Weinsteins’s mother Miriam lived up on Bluewater Hill. She passes away at age 90 literally a day before the big news broke of her son.

  11. Eugenie ten Cate

    Hi Dan, most likely the difficult part about pronouncing your name properly in Dutch is not the oo, but the g. I would just stay with the American way!