Photo Challenge #288

Burying Hill is a rocky beach. The sand is rocky; so is the floor of the Sound, as you venture into the water. There’s even a cement wall, built atop large rocks.

But the small beach draws a loyal crowd. They know that “Burying Hill rocks.”

They also knew that John Karrel’s photo — showing a bunch of stones, underneath a clever “Kindness Rocks” sign — was taken right there, off Beachside Avenue. (Click here to see.)

Andrew Colabella, Chip Stephens, Bill Shaner, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Lindsay Weiner and Ralph Balducci all nailed this one. Rock on!

So how about this week’s Photo Challenge? If you know where you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Trace Burroughs)


16 responses to “Photo Challenge #288

  1. Based on the spelling, I’d guess you hopped the pond and are in Amsterdam.

  2. The Netherlands! (I’ve got family just outside Haarlem, which is close). I recognize the double vowel!

    • You’re right, Arthur. And “Woog” is a Dutch name — meaning it rhymes with “vogue” (similar to Roosevelt and Moog synthesizer). Everyone mispronounces my last name though, including myself. I’ve given up trying to correct anyone.

  3. It’s a borough of Amsterdam – one of the coolest cities in the world (along with Westport, CT of course)!

    • Jack, I hate to publicly correct you, but the coolest place in the world is a place called WESTPORT, and it has the coolest blog in the world written by a guy named Dan.

  4. Andrew Colabella

    Typed it in on maps. Amsterdam?

  5. Correct. It’s a section of Amsterdam. And Jack is right: a great city!

  6. Amsterdam

  7. Must be Holland

  8. The picture of Westpoort is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  9. Lawrence Joel Zlatkin

    Easy to know that this is Dutch and refers to another Westport– near the port of Amsterdam!

  10. Gloria Gouveia

    It’s at STP …the sewer treatment plant.

  11. Virginia Ferrari

    Probably with a jacket. 

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  12. Amelie Babkie


  13. Tracy MacMath


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