Arrivederci, Da Pietro’s

Westport says goodbye to another wonderful restaurant. Thank you, for all you’ve done for all of us!

Here’s the sad news:

To our faithful followers and devoted customers:

It is with much forethought and a significant measure of sadness that we write to inform you all that effective today, Da Pietro’s will cease operations. The impact of COVID-19 has made it impossible for us to continue service without a robust takeout demand. As such, our run has come to an end.

For over 30 years Da Pietro’s has had the tremendous pleasure and honor of serving each and every one of you. Throughout these years we have had boundless joy in doing so. Not only have we made lifelong friendships as a result of our precious jewel, but we have raised our children in a loving and supportive environment because of it. We are eternally grateful for it all.

It has been an honor to have been a part of so many of your birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding and Valentine’s Day celebrations, and more. The memories we’ve all shared will be with us forever.

Da Pietro’s (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

As our son Tomaso heads off to college, and our daughter Lucia enters 11th grade at Staples High School, we look forward to a bright future with our children. We will continue to enjoy our time spent both in Westport, and with our family in Ischia.

We purchased our building that housed Da Pietro’s years ago. It is now up for sale. We look forward to passing it on to someone who will cherish all that it has to offer as much as we did. It is a perfect location for many types of businesses that seek a charming building and an ideal location in the heart of Westport.

Our restaurant’s success over the years would simply not have been possible without the devotion, work ethic, and expertise of our amazing staff, past and present! We owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude. We will never forget their loyalty, they are all forever a part of our family.

Please know as we say goodbye from Da Pietro’s, we look to our future with so much joy, adventure, optimism and endless gratitude. Let the good times roll for us all!

With love and heartfelt thanks,

Pietro and Janine Scotti
Da Pietro’s Restaurant 

25 responses to “Arrivederci, Da Pietro’s

  1. Oh we will miss you so much!

  2. So sad to lose such a charming restaurant with some of the best food in Connecticut! I so enjoyed every visit to Da Pietro’s over my past 30 years in Westport. Thank you, Pietro, for everything! Your restaurant and food were pure delight! ❤️

  3. Kerry Foley

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than murder hornets!
    Best wishes, Pietro and Janine, on your next act.

  4. Ken Runkel

    Simply the best restaurant in Westport! Thank you for the wonderful meals and memories.

  5. Fred Cantor

    Wishing you all the best in whatever you choose to pursue.

  6. Robin Scarella

    Am so sorry to see this. Happening to so many wonderful restaurants.
    Hopefully new opportunities will be ahead of you.

  7. Frannie Southworth

    We have so many fond memories of eating regularly at Da Pietro’s for many years after we moved to Westport 30+ years ago. We loved the food but also loved talking to and getting to know Pietro. We wish Pietro, Janine and family all the happiness possible going forward! Fran & Jeff Southworth

  8. Edward McManus

    Hello Pietro and Janine …. so very, very sorry to see you go. I guess as one of my favorite songs goes …. “all good things come to an end”. But your friendship and my appreciation for your wonderful food and your warm, and always smiling welcomes will remain forever. Love and God bless …. Edward

  9. This is such sad news. Da Pietro’s was a such a special spot in town. Both Pietro and Janine were always so generous and were often the first to donate to fundraising asks. It was one of the best meals in town and Pietro always made dining a fun experience. What a loss for Westport. Good luck Pietro and Janine, you sure will be missed.

  10. Susan Gold Falkenstein

    Life is all about change and embracing the new adventures that lie ahead for your family. Janine and Pietro, I will remember with gratitude all of the delicious food you donated to the Westport Historical Society for our wonderful celebrations; everyone was most grateful for your generosity. It is a beautiful restaurant that I will remember and the kindness of the both of you; especially your fondness for Westport and making everyone’s special celebration dinner at your restaurant one they will always remember with a smile.

    • Jack Backiel

      Susan, I lived for a short time next door to you on Sherman Court. That’s when you were at the Westport Historical Society before it disolved.

  11. Pietro is truly one of the finest chefs and genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve known his lovely wife Janine for more years than either of us will care to admit, and I wish the Scotti family great happiness and success as they write the next chapter. I regret not enjoying more memorable evenings and better supporting this wonderful local establishment.
    With love…The Scott’s.
    p.s – Please consider touring the unique building if you’re looking for a great spot to create a new Westport mainstay.

  12. Bill Mitchell

    So sad

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  13. Betsy Smirnoff Hoos

    So sad to see this. We have celebrated many special occasions over the last 30 years at this very special place. Wishing you well.

  14. Laura Feder

    Wishing you all a wonderful next chapter in Westport and Ischia.

  15. Alison Ashman

    All the best to you Pieteo and your family!!!
    Thank you for all the wonderful evenings I have had at your restaurant. You will be missed!

  16. ellen bowen

    As a fan of DaPietros who over the years became friends of both Pietro and Janine, it is so sad to hear of their closing. Da Pietros gave us over 30 years of an intimate, authentic dining experience that is rarely found in today’s dining scene. And Pietro was always in the kitchen. We will miss his fresh pasta with shaved truffles, his crab cakes, freshly made mozzarella and duck breast. And his wine list was perhaps the best in CT! We will miss his smile, his hospitality and the warm glow from DaPietros window lighting up Riverside Ave.

  17. Jonathan Simon

    Very sad to read this. We ordered take out last Saturday from Da Pietro’s and was looking forward to ordering more and visiting the restaurant when it reopened. Definitely the best restaurant in Westport…I believe it was Paul Newman’s favorite and Pietro did so much for the town.

    Wishing him and Janine the best (as well as the kids)!

    Thank you for everything!

  18. Eileen and Kim Siegfried

    Pietro!! We thank you immensely for your warm and abundant hospitality, unmatched dining experience and incredibly prepared, delicious food! Our memories of gathering with good friends, or special nights at our window table, we will never forget. Blessings to you and your dear family. Until we meet again . . . keep well and smiling!

  19. So sad to hear this Janine & Pietro. Will miss your incredible the DELICIOUS meals enjoyed in your beautiful, loving, space.
    Filming and sharing your favorite recipes, was my privilege, as was getting to take home so many yummy meals at the end of the shoot 🙂
    In this video Pietro, Tomaso and Lucia share Pietro’s Gnocchi secrets!! and here Pietro shares his mother’s Limoncello Recipe
    Love working with you both and look forward to seeing you around town 😘

  20. Stephanie Mastocciolo

    Cheers to the next chapter!! Thank you Da Pietro’s. We will certainly miss this special spot in Westport.

  21. Alex Kuhner

    Oh man, that was on my list to finally try when all this blows over! That will teach me to wait. Hope they do well in their next chapter.

  22. Kim Manning

    Janine and Pietro,

    So sad to read this news. I will never, ever forget the hilarious birthday celebration we attended at Da Pietro’s for our mutual friend Bruce – I think we scared most of the other patrons out when we brought out wigs and fake mustaches, but Pietro and the rest of the staff joined in the fun, donning the wigs and ‘staches too, and continued to serve everyone who was brave enough to stay! Always a fun evening at Da Pietro’s! And then, of course, was the uperb food and wine! I will also never forget singing at your wedding with the rest of Janine’s Good News Gospel choir family. How is it possible that those babies of yours are heading toward college already?

    The best to all of you as you embark on your new endeavors.

  23. Love you all and so sad to see the restaurant go. Your place was so charming, like being in a cozy trattoria in the countryside of Italy. Your food, and the fresh pastas will be sorely missed. I hope we can do some interesting pop up events or catering Together in the near future.