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Arrivederci, Da Pietro’s

Westport says goodbye to another wonderful restaurant. Thank you, for all you’ve done for all of us!

Here’s the sad news:

To our faithful followers and devoted customers:

It is with much forethought and a significant measure of sadness that we write to inform you all that effective today, Da Pietro’s will cease operations. The impact of COVID-19 has made it impossible for us to continue service without a robust takeout demand. As such, our run has come to an end.

For over 30 years Da Pietro’s has had the tremendous pleasure and honor of serving each and every one of you. Throughout these years we have had boundless joy in doing so. Not only have we made lifelong friendships as a result of our precious jewel, but we have raised our children in a loving and supportive environment because of it. We are eternally grateful for it all.

It has been an honor to have been a part of so many of your birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding and Valentine’s Day celebrations, and more. The memories we’ve all shared will be with us forever.

Da Pietro’s (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

As our son Tomaso heads off to college, and our daughter Lucia enters 11th grade at Staples High School, we look forward to a bright future with our children. We will continue to enjoy our time spent both in Westport, and with our family in Ischia.

We purchased our building that housed Da Pietro’s years ago. It is now up for sale. We look forward to passing it on to someone who will cherish all that it has to offer as much as we did. It is a perfect location for many types of businesses that seek a charming building and an ideal location in the heart of Westport.

Our restaurant’s success over the years would simply not have been possible without the devotion, work ethic, and expertise of our amazing staff, past and present! We owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude. We will never forget their loyalty, they are all forever a part of our family.

Please know as we say goodbye from Da Pietro’s, we look to our future with so much joy, adventure, optimism and endless gratitude. Let the good times roll for us all!

With love and heartfelt thanks,

Pietro and Janine Scotti
Da Pietro’s Restaurant 

Friday Flashback #166

Over its long history, Westport has seen thousands of restaurants come and go.

Everyone has favorites. Here are a few. Click “Comments” to add your own.

Allen’s Clam House was a great place for celebrations and dates. It was demolished more than a decade ago. The site is now the Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve.

(Photo courtesy of Dave Stalling)

The Big Top was a beloved hamburger place that attracted everyone: doctors, lawyers, businessmen, high school students, stoners and (very famously) Paul Newman. Today it’s McDonald’s. If that doesn’t say something…

Here it’s the Ocean House. For many years though it was Chubby Lane’s — the first $1 hamburger restaurant in town. The meat came from Charpentier’s butcher across the street, and it was fantastic. Today, this is the site of Willows Pediatrics.

Pearl’s was a longtime Riverside Avenue favorite. It’s easily recognized now, as Da Pietro’s.

Who can forget the Arrow? For years, the Nisticos’ restaurant defined Saugatuck. These days, it’s Mystic Market.

West Lake on Main Street was Westport’s first Chinese restaurant. It was considered to be quite exotic.

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Originally a stagecoach stop in the 1700s, the Three Bears closed after many years. It’s been remodeled as Chabad of Westport.

The Three Bears, in its heyday. (Postcard/Cardcow.com)

The Clam Box drew diners for its seafood. The location — on the Post Road by the Sherwood Island Connector — did not hurt. It was later Bertucci’s; now the spot is shared by Shearwater Coffee, and soon-to-open Ignazio Pizza.

Pietro Scotti’s Next Culinary Chapter

For 3 decades, Da Pietro’s has been one of Westport’s hidden culinary jewels.

The tiny spot on Riverside Avenue draws raves — and repeat visits — from everyone who knows it. They love the charming, intimate atmosphere; the feeling of being someplace special, and — especially — the consistently flavorful southern French and northern Italian dishes cooked by talented and welcoming chef/owner Pietro Scotti. (There’s a fantastic wine list too.)

Pietro Scotti

But a change is on the horizon. Pietro has put his building up for sale. When it’s bought, he’ll pack up his knives and turn off his stove.

Thankfully though, Pietro will keep cooking. He’ll be a private chef.

Pietro has loved serving the community. But it’s time, he says, to put all the other parts of running a restaurant — hiring and supervising a staff, paying bills, even sweeping the floor — behind.

Now, he’ll focus solely on cooking.

“Being a chef has always been my calling and my passion,” Pietro says. “My dream for this next chapter is to spoil a wonderful couple or family in the area.” He’s still looking for that position.

He’ll also be available for cooking classes, and pop-up dinners for favorite organizations.

Da Pietro’s (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pietro’s legacy extends throughout the community. For 30 years he’s cooked for the Girl Scouts, Wakeman Town Farm and the Blues, Views & BBQ Festival. He’s organized tastings at the Playhouse and A Taste of Westport, and raised funds for the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Pietro’s humble beginnings on the island of Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples, laid the foundation for his love of food, gardening and animals. He’s embraced Westport with his warm hospitality. His generous spirit, humble nature and constant energy will serve his private clients well.

It will take a while for his building to sell. Which means there is still time for Westporters to enjoy their 100th — or 1st — great meal at Da Pietro’s.

The Playhouse Pays It Forward

Two days ago, “06880” reported that Da Pietro’s owner Janine Scotti loved “She Loves Me” so much, she’s offering a free glass of wine or dessert to any restaurant patron showing a ticket stub from the current Westport Country Playhouse production.

We then lightly suggested the Playhouse should reciprocate.

Good news:  They are!

From now through the end of the show’s run — May 15 — the Playhouse will provide a free non-alcoholic beverage to any patron showing a receipt from Da Pietro’s.

We’ll drink to that!

Step right up to the Westport Country Playhouse -- and if you've been to Da Pietro's recently, enjoy a free drink!