Roundup: Smart Switch; Water Tanks; Panera Bread; More

Chris Scherban is quite bright. He was Staples High School’s 2017 salutatorian; he’s now at Georgia Tech. He’s a veteran of many Westport Maker Faires.

He and 2 friends have just launched a smart home startup, called Theory. With it, anyone — including numbskulls — can make any light switch (indoors or out) smart. Chris’ switch goes on top of existing one — no tools needed. It works via an app, and an adhesive strip.

Theory can be controlled through iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant, even his new website. 

Now they just have to bring it to market.

A few minutes ago, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is $45,000. To help, click here.

Chris Scherban

Site work has begun on the North Avenue water tanks. A row of old trees has been taken down, offering a few of the decades-old tank that few have ever seen.

As part of the agreement with neighbors, Aquarion will eventually provide extensive landscape restoration.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

When the Westport Panera location looked closed — and any mention of it vanished from their website — Bitsy Higgins reached out to their “customer care” team.

This morning, they emailed her:

Thanks for your patience the West port location will reopen on 7/7/2020. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Have a great day!”

That’s tomorrow. And the news will ensure that many Westporters (or “West porters”) have a great day.

The Panera Bread near the Southport line.

Westport was awash in red, white and blue this holiday weekend.

There was this too, at a home near downtown: a reminder of another color that is an important part of the fabric of America. (Hat tip: Hannah Spencer)

And finally … 22 years ago today — July 6, 1998 — Roy Rogers died of heart failure. He was 86 years old.


6 responses to “Roundup: Smart Switch; Water Tanks; Panera Bread; More

  1. Theresa Castellano

    North Avenue water tank covered.

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  2. Dan — didn’t you once go into the Roy Rogers fast food place (where McD’s is now) and ask to speak to Roy?

    • You have an unbelievable memory, Bobbie. It was a tongue-in-cheek story I wrote probably 30 years ago, about calling the corporate office and asking to speak to Roy. You are amazing!

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Was it Cheerios that had the magic decoder ring that you needed for the message at the end of Roy Rogers’ radio, and later TV, shows?

  4. I know the North Ave tank replacements were negotiated for quite a while and the result has been mutually agreed upon, but seeing the ugliest tanks in full view with all those trees buzzed down is quite an eyesore.
    Now do we have any doubt that Aquarion will cover the finished project with a proper landscape barrier? Better yet, when was the last time a corporate entity did the RIGHT thing and exceeded our expectations in a municipal matter? Time will tell…