Pics Of The Day #1127

Sunrise over Compo Cove … (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

… and sun halo at Sherwood Island (Photo/David Pogue)

7 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1127

  1. TWO! Spectacular photos!!!

  2. Heather Anne Wilson

    These photos are unbelievable.! Thank you!

  3. Wendy Cusick


  4. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    I ALWAYS look forward to, and enjoy, the photo introduction to each day’s 06880….THESE leave me breathless! ❤️

  5. Nina Marino

    Hi Dan,06880 has been a life saver during covid 19.  Your humor, very helpfulinfo, and inspiring stories from people are wonderful. I’m hoping that you can give information on where people can walk their dogs.  So many parks are closed to them.  Of course the beaches, but now places like the Aspetuck Land Trust.  Normally this wouldn’t be such an important issue but there are many people who Iive alone with their dog and the walks they take together are very important.So if you gave access to this kind of information, please share  it. I’ve Googled and searched and often the information is dated.Thank you, Nina Marino

    • Hi Nina,

      Thanks for your very kind words. We all do what we can. I assume you know about Winslow Park, right? Besides that though, I’m not sure. Readers — any ideas?

  6. Patricia Mcmahon

    Hi Nina,
    Winslow park is definitely open.
    All dogs must be on a lease and obviously keep a proper distance .
    I also enjoy walking through
    Grace Salmon memorial park off of imperial
    with my Boston T .Levon.
    It’s also one of my spots where i enjoy doing some photography .
    You might even catch a glimpse of a
    Bald eagle sitting high up on a branch .