Marpe: Beach Reopening Went Well, But …

1st Selectman Jim Marpe says:

This weekend’s reopening plan for the Compo Beach and Soundview parking lots, as well as reopening of play at Longshore golf course with restrictions, was successful.

In general everyone was respectful, aware, accommodating of social distancing, and had masks available when not able to maintain 6-foot distances. I appreciate the efforts everyone made, including residents and town staff, that helped insure a positive outcome.

There remain, however, some who choose not to adhere to the CDC recommendations. To be successful in our reopening efforts, we must self-monitor, and request that everyone comply with the recommendations outlined for the general health and well-being of all.

We are in uncharted territory, and gentle reminders to those around us are encouraged. Remember: Whenever you leave your home, you wear a mask to protect your neighbors, and they wear one to protect you. Please have a mask readily available (around your neck, not in your pocket) and be prepared to carefully pull it up and over your mouth and nose at any time.

Parents, please remind your children that the rules apply to them as well. Together, we can meet the challenges that face us all during these unprecedented times.

Compo Beach was quite empty yesterday (Sunday) morning. (Drone photo/Brandon Malin)

Re-Open Advisory Team:

The ReOpen Westport Advisory Team will hold a public meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19, 11:00 a.m.). It will be livestreamed on, and broadcast on Cablevision channel 79 and Frontier channel 6020. Emails to the Advisory Team may be sent to

For information on town services and facilities status reopening plans: www.westportct/reopen

Restaurants Re-Opening:

The town of Westport will streamline and expedite the process for applicants seeking approval of outdoor dining. The application form and a detailed description of the rules will be available on the town’s P&Z website this week (

Applications will be approved with an expected response time within 10 days of the receipt date. The Planning & Zoning Commission has waived requirements for hearings on these applications, to allow for an expedited reopening of outdoor dining in Westport.

The ReOpen Westport Advisory Team is working with Westport retailers and the Selectman’s Office for administrative approvals on the use of town property for the outdoor display of retail goods.

As Westport begins to reopen, town officials are working on rules for the outdoor display of retail goods. (Photo/Molly Alger)

Tax Relief Program Reminder

The tax relief program application for April’s tax payment is due this Friday (May 22). The deadline for the July payment is July 1. Click here for more information.

Westport Weston Health District Update

Westport-Weston Health District executive director Mark Cooper reports:

Phase 1 of reopening Connecticut businesses begins next week. The WWHD has been hard at work contributing to both state and town planning efforts, as well as training for the anticipated surge in testing and contact tracing.

Widespread testing and contact tracing are key components of a successful and steady reopening process. Our community health staff will perform contact tracing for our community. While some municipalities across Connecticutrely on the State Department of Public Health to do the tracing, the WWHD expects to have the ability to manage the volume of calls in-house.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Westport and Weston, WWHD staff has been contact tracing infected individuals. We anticipate that the number of positive tests will increase with widespread testing, so capacity has been augmented accordingly.

Staff will be joined in the efforts by the Westport Public School nurses, who have generously volunteered to help our community with this important work. Additionally, Medical Reserve Corps volunteers have answered the call for assistance. We are grateful for all of these knowledgeable volunteers.

This team effort will enable the Health District to reach out to impacted individuals to educate them on safe practices, self-isolation measures, and to answer any questions.

7 responses to “Marpe: Beach Reopening Went Well, But …

  1. Luke Garvey

    Not sure how comfortable I am reminding others to wear masks. I predict they won’t say “thank you”.

  2. The giant “But” kills people. As a jogger and biker many brush by me within well 6 feet. Two feet occurs Regularly. .
    Once I swear 19 inches…
    Welcome second wave you selfish gits!
    Most are just great! The vast majority. Not close to Ridgefield though. Take a look at what the kids do there. Key.

  3. Tricia Freeman

    How is it recommended that the surgical type of mask (that wraps around our ears) remain around our neck at all times?

    • Wendy Cusick

      The mask (scarf, bandana, cotton handmade or surgical ‘blue’ mask).
      You put it on and pull in down to your chin. Then you can pull it back up quickly when your near someone or coming up to someone.
      The bandana or square scarf (which I use) you just tie around you and pull down around your neck.
      Cotton handmade (wrap around ears or ties) just pull down to your chin or neck.
      Please make sure it goes over your nose.
      Doing it this way, you always be ready.

  4. Karen Howes

    please everyone, wear a mask .. more mask wearing =’s less cases, less transmission, reopening , kids back to school… cause and effect here !!! respect each other. let’s not be the adult version of” one kid acts out in class, teacher cancels the recess for everyone…

  5. Wendy Cusick

    Yes… the “but” ….
    Many are doing a great job…
    However, there’s room for improvement especially at the store (grocery, pharmacy, home depot, lowe’s… etc you get the picture)
    Essential workers (grocery, pharmacy, hospital and first responders) HAVE to wear scarves, bandanas, cotton handmade masks, surgical masks basically whatever works for that particular establishment or hospital setting.
    I think the general public can survive wearing a mask (properly!) for a 45 minute (maybe more) shopping trip!!
    Please, keep the mask over your nose. It’s gross having it hang out. I mean really.
    Please be courteous and nice to the employees who are doing the best they can to take care of you whether stocking shelves (grocery, deli, fish, meat, produce bakery) and checking out your groceries.
    Also please listen to the employees of each store.
    Each store has a certain physical distancing set up at their registers or service bar.
    One store keeps a path open in front of their registers to cut down on congestion and let employees freely move up and down to clean, stock shelves, get to cashier quickly and pick up grocery baskets. Don’t be rude and give them an attitude
    We ALL need to work together.

  6. Can’t say it “went well” before seeing the number of new cases caused by an untimely “opening.”