Photo Challenge #281

Every Photo Challenge has a back story. I wish I knew the one behind last week’s.

Downtown, a block of Post Road stores between Myrtle Avenue and Anthropologie (the old YMCA) seems to cut off access to Church Lane, and with it the Spotted Horse restaurant and the shops and galleries of Bedford Square.

Unless, that is, you know the “secret” short cut. A narrow alley slices alongside Urban Outfitters, connecting the 2 streets.

What’s more, the passageway is enlivened by some cool art. Most Westporters don’t know it’s there. But Tom Ryan, Andrew Colabella, Michael Calise, Stacie Curran and Seth Braunstein all identified it through Molly Alger’s reminiscent-of-an-island-somewhere photo. (Click here to see.)

How did the alley get there? Was it planned, or an accident? Who created the art — and was it sponsored or guerrilla? If you know the back story to this hidden downtown gem, let us know!

ProTip: There’s another shortcut between the Post Road and Church Lane too, just east of the alley: the parking garage. You can’t drive through anymore, but you can still walk it.

This week’s Photo Challenge is not exactly a shortcut. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #281

  1. Wendy Cusick

    Roger’s Septic Tanks on US RT 1 on the Maple Ave South side

    Another part of old time Westport just like Flower Farm, the mini golf course…gone

    • Morley Boyd

      I’m with Wendy. Kinda looks like Roger’s House of Septic on Post Road East (or East Post Road, if you wish). RIP as another piece of honky tonk Route One streetscape falls prey to the sanitizing airbrush of wherever it is that we think we’re headed.

      • Wendy Cusick

        Well Morley…a piece of old working class Westport is officially gone… it’s a pile of concrete. I just drove by through the repaving project of Rt 1.

        I would check out the charcoal dark grey salt box on Spicer Rd. It looks too quiet. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last.

        • Morley Boyd

          I drove by this am and saw the smoking hole where Rogers used to be.
          In a way, that’s the end of an era. In a more perfect world, the Historic District Commission would have photographed the facility to document it.

  2. Roger’s Septic Tanks, which will soon be demolished for new housing?

  3. Jonathan McClure

    A different angle of Roger’s Septic Tanks

  4. Old sptic tank facility on Post Road and Maple Ave

  5. It is definitely the Roger’s Septic Tank Company on Post Road East, near Maple Avenue South (see earlier post this morning on whether that’s the correct street name). The property will soon be replaced by a small group of new homes.

    On a side note, I’m impressed that everyone knows it’s Roger’s — as in, Roger owns it — rather than Rogers’ (as in a family’s last name). Well done, Westport!

    • Oh, I wish everyone was a grammar guru!
      Thanks for pointing out when people are correct. It’s possibly an even better lesson for us. Be well.

  6. Looks like it would make a real cool brewery…. Westport brewery with Compo Beach Ipa, old mill Lager, saugatuck river double ipa. I think it might work… any investors??