COVID Roundup: Pantry Help; Grocery Service; More

Homes With Hope needs plenty of help. Westporters have responded generously to requests for food for clients of the supportive housing agency, and supplies for the food pantry that serves many others.

But the Jesup Road facility needs another kind of help too: volunteers to sort and stack the donations that have come in.

Staples High School’s boys track team captains worked all day Friday, doing just that.

They and their team promise to be back soon — with more food, and more manpower to help put that food in order.

Staples boys track captains, at Homes With Hope.

Westporters love “Guys Helping” — the local teenagers (and not all male) who do shopping and other errands for those who can’t get out. (Just email Include your name, address, and errand.)

But you don’t have to love in “06880” to enjoy a service like that. If you’re within 30 minutes of 48103 — that’s Ann Arbor, Michigan — you can request delivery of groceries, prescriptions and other essentials from a store of your choice. Like Westport’s Guys Helping, it’s contact-less — and free.

The “A2” service is provided by Kellen Smithson. A 2014 Staples High School graduate, she lost her job the pandemic. But she sure hasn’t lost her spirit, or her desire to help.

Kellen Smithson

And finally … after 3 days of the beach parking lots being reopened (and, at last, a bit of spring weather), Westport feels:



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