Pic Of The Day #1058

Moon over Cribari Bridge (Photo/Chuck Greenlee)

18 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1058

  1. Mary Ursula Condon

    Great photo, Chuck! Mary Condon

  2. Really great capture Chuck.
    Moonlight over Westport
    Ed Simek

  3. Marlene Powers

    First the Christmas lights and now the moon.The Cribari bridge takes the prize for “” The best lit bridge in Westport!”

  4. Lovely.

  5. Wow!! Beautiful- was this tonight?

  6. Wonderful photo. Was this the Supermoon?

  7. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Beautiful, Chuck!

  8. I don’t understand the attraction of this pugly little post-industrial erector set of a bridge. The moon, sun or stars over it does little to ameliorate it’s common dilapidation. My guess is that it is seen through the lens of a nostalgia that never was.

    • Curmudgeon alert. Hope your day improves. 🌞

      • Westport’s pugly little Pont Neuf…

        • Mary Cookman Schmerker

          I guess you don’t get Westport. Have a nice day. I hope today brings you joy because I am guessing that yesterday didn’t

    • Ok, first of all, I was admiring the photo & the beautiful sky. Is that pugly? Yes, the bridge has a great nostalgia factor for me, at least, that newbies/semi newbies may not grasp. It was also an accessory to the shot. Why insult the photographer by way of the composition? A very smugly pugly thing to do. Be kind (Ben’s Bells Project).

      • Peter Barlow

        What does “pugly” mean? I have loved the bridge at Bridge Street all my life but this photo really does make it look like an erector set. And all that orange around the moon is a bit unreal.

        • Pugly – a contraction of ‘Pug Ugly’.
          I was commenting only on the design and architecture of the bridge as compared to the hundreds of similar industrial examples of this style around the metro region. It was not meant as an insult to Westport, rather a subjective viewpoint based on objective data.

          • Mary Cookman Schmerker

            I am so sorry but I still read your original post as an insult. You have a great vocabulary at your disposal which you use very well. So please explain what you meant by “though the lens of a nostalgia that never was” ? Please take note of AJ Nilson’s reference to Ben’s Bells Project. Look it up. We need kindness now.
            If you are fortunate enough to currently live in Westport be thankful. Westport is unique and wonderful. How many places have an arts program in their Junior High schools that can produce a program like the one reported on earlier today in Dan’s blog?

            • Mary Cookman Schmerker

              By the way. I know there is a book with that title. At the moment I do not remember author’s name. I still don’t get your reference.

  9. Kathryn Coster

    Love that !!!