Entitled Parking: The Main (Street) Event

In nearly 11 years of posting photos of spectacularly selfish, jaw-droppingly self-centered, stupefyingly entitled drivers, I thought I’d seen everything.

Silly me.

On Monday, this person — I would not call him or her a “driver,” because that implies some sentience — landed his or her Jeep here:

This takes your breath away.

The person crossed the yellow line. The person stopped, going the wrong way against traffic — in a “No Parking” zone.

The person took the keys, opened the door, and left.

Without even the decency to park close to the curb!

Don’t believe me? Here’s another view.

(Photos/Dr. Edward Paul)

I would like to say that no one can top this. The bar has been set astronomically high.

But this is “06880.”

Someone will.

50 responses to “Entitled Parking: The Main (Street) Event

  1. Matthew Mandell

    He’s British is all…..completely normal.

  2. Martha Deegan

    Aw come on! Show us the license plate number!

  3. But it was just for a minute!

  4. no, u haven’t seen it all by far.  everyday someone in front of me does something stupid !  my new favorite is they make LEFT TURNS ON RED NOW!!!!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • Flav Freedman

      Not sure what the price of their car has to do with anything?

      Or the implication that, an inexpensive car (in your opinion), means that someone is “down on their luck”?

  5. Patrick Kennedy


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  6. Robert, Give me a break. Legally no one has an expectation of privacy in a public area! Dan can take 4,000 pictures PER DAY and put them on 06880!

  7. I would bet my last dollar on the following…

    There was no life or death emergency involved here
    No parking ticket was issued
    The vehicle wasn’t towed

    Just another example of selfish entitlement, disregard for traffic laws, and lack of plain old common sense and courtesy.

    • aHa… maybe there was some type of “ quid pro quo” involved? Or perhaps the mystery person was a Russian agent looking to hack Dan Woog’s Blog? I’m calling Rudy Giuliani to get on this mysterious car ASAP! I thought I saw a picture of a crane in the background too. aHa.. Ukrainian

  8. Keep em’ coming Dan! Petaluma is pretty much the same! Shame on them…

  9. there’s a special kind of stupid right there!

  10. Arline Gertzoff

    Bring back police walking Main Street.

  11. Karl S. Taylor

    Unfortunately, police can’t, won’t, refuse to, aren’t allowed to do anything about such stupidity. Shame.

    • I would imagine that if they “aren’t allowed to do anything”, then it would only make sense that they “can’t”, “won’t” and “refuse to”.
      The question is, why do you say they aren’t allowed to?

    • William Strittmatter

      Of course they could do something ranging from ticket to having it towed. The car was on a public road in a no-parking zone, not in a private lot, the latter being where they can’t do much.

      Even if it was a private parking lot, they could have ticketed the car for failing to display a front license plate which I believe is against the law in CT.

  12. Could this have been a new driver who made a mistake? Most people know not to park on the curb facing the wrong way, so it could just be the honest mistake of someone who didn’t know any better. Even if this is someone who does know better, does it make anyone else uncomfortable when we call people out publicly like this? No one else here has ever made a bad decision and regretted it or run a red light absentmindedly with no ill intention or sense of entitlement about it? The calling out of people and the quick jump to calling people entitled troubles me just as much as the entitlement, if that’s what this was. Maybe I’m alone in this.

    • In other words, someone without a license?

      • I sure hope not!

        • Me too.
          I was just wondering….if they didn’t know any better, then how did they get a license?

          • I’ve seen so many instances of bad driving where I live. Unfortunately it seems to me that it’s too easy to get a license in this country.

    • You’re not alone, Erin. We are all so quick to jump to conclusions based on scant facts because it fits a narrative, when if we had bothered to learn the entirety of the circumstances we may have had more compassion. And even if this was not a mistake or otherwise justifiable breach, but truly the action of a so called “stupid” “selfish” “entitled” “asshole”, what do we gain by these shaming posts? Does it make anyone feel any better? Sure doesn’t seem to be helping make people better parkers. (More posts about good people doing nice things, please.)

      • No matter how gentle you’d prefer to be, the driver 100% crossed a double yellow line & drove on the wrong side of the road in order to park there. Illegal parking aside, the traffic & safety violations are clear. And if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t one side of the street parking established there in order to allow easy passage of emergency vehicles? Memory fails..

        • It’s a clear violation, for sure, AJ. We have a very capable police department, just as easily accessible as this blog. My question was what purpose is served by public shaming.

  13. Wanda Tedesco

    Why isn’t their plate sent to the Police Department??! We see so many infractions but I wonder if anything is ever done.

  14. I hope that they were picking someone up from a nearby establishment who became ill, and they rushed in and rushed out. That’s the only legitimate excuse for doing this. One 06880 didn’t catch: a person parked illegally in a handicap designated space at a Westport store. While I waited to park there with my proper sticker because there were no other open spaces; she came out. I POLITELY said to her that she had parked illegally; she cursed mightily and said “so call the police you —-”
    I’ll bet that you would be FLOODED. with letters from readers who have had nasty parking experiences if you asked for them. Why aren’t the police walking the streets?

  15. Luisa Francoeur

    Even if the person were British where it is indeed common to park on either side of the road, I do not think it is legal here and the car was parked in a no parking zone.

  16. Eye roll…. you see this stuff everywhere not just 06880 and the “entitled” members of your OWN community. To have the time to take this picture, post it for all to see, and have comments about this “asshole” and “reporting to the police” is more stupefying. The last thing I want to feel here is that there’s a local neighborhood crime watcher ready to take aim (camera ready) and post anytime because of a sense of entitlement at the expense of someone who lives here. It’s quite alienating.

  17. Cathy Barnett

    Most, well maybe all, the entitled driver cars posted on this blog have parked in private parking lots (i.e. Trader Joes, Starbucks, etc) but this is on a public street. So isn’t this your very first post of illegal parking in Westport? Unless the driver got out of the car to mail a letter and was sucked into the mail chute!😀

  18. Richard Fogel

    it does not concern me. There are many examples of poor behavior that I see around town. You can focus on this or choose to focus on the good and set examples for others to follow. Get over it we do it all the time.

  19. Yes another reason why the town should consider making Main a promenade.
    I think it’s in poor taste to post the person’s plate without knowing ONE THING about their situation and why they may have parked that way instead of calling them out in such a public way for and assuming they’re just an entitled selfish asshole. Maybe that’s just me though.

    • Heidi, One can not expect privacy when they’re in a public place. I can stand on a street corner all day and take pictures of cars and post them on Facebook or e-mail pictures of cars to my friends. If the paparazzi can chase after movie stars all day to get a photo of them, in a bikini, on a beach, I can take a picture of a 1989 Ford in downtown Westport!

    • Richard Fogel

      dan does this frequently. So do his disciples. Who knows why the car is there. Its a petty issue. Im more worried about the Reputincan Party

      • Yes, like you, Dan should be more worried about the many ways the Republican Party is causing all the problems in a Democrat controlled town in a Democrat controlled State…

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      It would be absolutely wonderful to have the street only open for pedestrian traffic, much like Church Street in Burlington, VT. It’s such a vibrant and welcoming space and just pulls people to the downtown and invites positive interactions.
      I think it would also help traffic on Rt1, because they’d be able to get rid of the turn lane onto Main.

  20. Shirlee Gordon

    I hope the police read your column and send a ticket to the violator!! So wrong In so many ways!

  21. If you’re that concerned, send the photo to the police station. End of story.
    Dan is a local resident, not the paparazzi.
    This person is probably not a celebrity. They might be a neighbor though.
    A wise mentor once told me, “assume innocence”.
    Not everyone is out to ruin your precious crown jewel of a town, ya know.

    • wow. Dan does this all the time.an could have taken the photo and brought it to the police station. Instead he makes an issue of an unusual parked car. No un sung hero here.

  22. William Weiss

    This is about enforcement of traffic and parking laws. Evidently the timing was off and this vehicle was lucky up to when the photo was taken – we don’t know what happened after the picture was taken.

  23. Let me now beat a dead horse. If the police are not enforcing parking regulations or speed limits (or dealing with the much-discussed illegal signage around town) it’s because they know it is not their purview; someone (or some town body) has decided it is not in the best interests of the town for our officers to prioritize these things.

  24. I hope the police at the very least fined them. They should have been towed!!

  25. Let’s give a good closeup at the photo. Apparently there’s a gentleman depositing some mail into that blue mail collection box.

  26. It’s time to see who will step up and ” bell the cat “.