Photo Challenge #253

With all the ooohing and aaahing over the new Westport Library — the versatile Forum, the amazing children’s space, the great conference rooms and exhibition spaces and café — it’s easy to overlook the windows.

The east side — the one facing the police station — features a striking set of windows. I’m not sure how to describe them — heavy? curved? — so you can click here to see for yourself.

Wendy Cusick, Jonathan McClure, Clark Thiemann, James Weisz, Amy Schneider and Mark Jacobs are all library-goers who knew exactly what Heli Stagg’s photo showed. (She declined photo credit last week. She figured her role as the library’s retail manager would be too much of a hint.)

Meanwhile — for obvious reasons — I “love” this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

14 responses to “Photo Challenge #253

  1. I think this is a garden lot at the town garden

  2. John McCarthy

    Compo skateboard park.

  3. Little red painted hearts are popping up around town. I saw two this morning at Grace Salmon park on Imperial Ave. Not sure exactly where this one is located or who is painting them. This makes me happy though.🥰

  4. Grace Salmon park!

  5. The new spot that sits between the mill pond and the cove?

  6. Is it on the bench on the peninsula that sticks out into Saugatuck River?
    You have to park (usually at Grace park or Imperial lot) and walk along Imperial Ave to the bend in the road and there’s a trees and plants with a plague that dedicates the little park to the man who saved a large area along Imperial from being delevoped into houses.
    If you look on Google Maps it’s called “Booler’s Point”

  7. Jonathan McClure

    I think across the river from Grace Park… northern part of Eloise A. Ray Park, at the foot of Lincoln St.

  8. So far, no one has come up with the right answer. You are all very close, however.

  9. Yes!!!! Congratulations, Madison. You got it!

  10. Is it the walkway rail cap behind Levitt Pavilion?