“Andrew’s Army”: Remarkable Documentary Now Available Here

Last weekend, I joined a capacity crowd at Town Hall. We had the honor of watching “Andrew’s Army.”

Andrew Accardi

The 31-minute documentary traced the life and death of Andrew Accardi. The Westport native battled neuroblastoma — a very rare childhood cancer — from age 5 until his death 15 years later.

He was a Staples High School golfer, a popular young man with many friends, and a fighter whose big heart and great spirit inspired all who met him.

The film was a labor of love by Sam Bender, a 2011 Staples classmate and longtime friend. He captured Andrew’s personality and character — and also shined a light on the staff at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, who treated  him so long, and loved him so much.

“Andrew’s Army” is not just the title. It’s the name of Andrew’s many admirers — of all ages — who have raised over $1 million for neuroblastoma research.

Hopefully, the documentary will spur even more donations. It’s a remarkable video, one that deserves an audience far beyond Westport.

It’s available now on Facebook and Vimeo.

And right here, on “06880.”


The tagline of “06880” is “Where Westport meets the world.” So here’s my request:

If you’re reading this, and have any connections or ideas on how to distribute this video far and wide, please click “Comments” below. Or email me privately: dwoog@optonline.net.

“Andrew’s Army” must keep marching on.

5 responses to ““Andrew’s Army”: Remarkable Documentary Now Available Here

  1. Accardi Family, this is a moving and wonderful tribute to Andrew and his courageous battle. It brought me to tears watching it. Having a daughter who works at CHOP made it extra special to see and know that you have chosen to honor Andrew this way.

  2. ANOTHER INSPIRIING STORY FROM 06880…Dan, think one or more of your readers will know someWestporter show is in the distribution of videos business, o related person. May. I suggest you contact wonderful Westporter Doug Tirola and see if he can help?

  3. What an amazing tribute to Andrew. I never knew him but heard about his courage from many people. This documentary brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing legacy he has left behind. He will never be forgotten.

  4. Charlie Greenwald

    Sam, this was a terrific doc – you captured Andrew so well and told the perfect narrative through your interview subjects. Powerful stuff. That was a tough year for his classmates. You should be very proud— almost as proud as Andrew’s parents, who raised one of the toughest, sweetest students SHS ever had.