Photo Challenge #249

I thought last week’s Photo Challenge might be too tough for any “06880” reader.

I did not reckon on Mary Papageorge and Lynn Untermeyer Miller.

Both knew that Amy Schneider’s image of a painted smiling face is located on the back side of the large star sculpture that Howard Munce created years ago. It sits on the bank of the Saugatuck River, in Parker Harding Plaza directly behind Rye Ridge Deli.

The fisherman — that’s what the face is — faces the river. It’s not easy to see — and not too many people actually stroll by there (though it is a nice, beautiful spot).

Mary no doubt knows it because the Papageorge family owned Oscar’s — the long-time, beloved predecessor to Rye Ridge.

Lynn knows it because — well, she sees and knows everything.

Can Mary, Lynn and/or you figure out this week’s Photo Challenge? If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tim Woodruff)


19 responses to “Photo Challenge #249

  1. Compo canons?

  2. Cannon at Compo beach

  3. Top of a cannon at Compo

  4. Water cascading over the old Embalmers Supply damn.

  5. Andrew Colabella

    I’m gonna go with compo cannons

  6. Part of a Compo cannon. But what’s the big white blob in the background?

  7. It is the Compo cannons. As I’ve said before, you guys are GOOD!

  8. Notice the height is higher on the left side of the picture so the photographers back is to the south west looking east at the rising Sun.

  9. I’m at the cannons now. He’s got to be very tall (ok I’m 5’) or standing on something or sitting on the other cannon to get a view of the trees. I can’t figure out the white blob.

  10. Must be sitting on the other cannon to get a view of the trees?

  11. Is it the cannons at Compo?

  12. I going to guess the one of the cannons on Compo Beach.
    The camera angle looking north.
    Which would make Sherwood Island State Park and Old Mill in the distance.

  13. I think that’s the Levitt in the background.

  14. You all really know your stuff! I was out of town so everyone had already guessed it but I immediately think: Cannons ! Just love this!

  15. The cannons at Compo Beach

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