Photo Challenge #240

Last week’s Photo Challenge was a bit of a curveball.

The image showed a sign: “No Little League Parking Beyond This Point.” In the background was a brick building, and some steps. (Click here for the photo.)

The field behind Town Hall! most readers responded.

A great guess. But wrong.

This sign can be seen at The Saugatuck Cooperative — the apartment complex on Bridge Street, between South Compo and Imperial Avenue.

Michael Calise and Chip Stephens — former Little Leaguers, back in the day — knew that before it was converted to housing, the building was the site of the original Saugatuck Elementary School. Darcy Sledge — who I don’t think played Little League here — also knew the correct answer. (In its earlier, wooden incarnation it was called the Bridge Street School.)

The playground and most athletic fields fell into disuse when Saugatuck El closed, back in the 1980s. But Little League continued to use the small diamond there up until a few years ago, even after the school was re-imagined as apartments.

Fred Cantor — who took the photo — is a longtime sports fan (and former Staples soccer player). Play ball!

Maggie Gomez provides this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Maggie Gomez)

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #240

  1. Hard to see on my old cell screen. Under the Cribari Bridge?

  2. Underside of post road bridge over Saugatuck River. The fiberglass pipes are electric and telephone conduits.

  3. Michael Calise

    under the highway bridge as seen from Black Duck

  4. This is the new bridge at saugatuck shores

  5. Jerry Kuyper

    Under Kings Highway Bridge

  6. Under the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial bridge at high tide

  7. Robert Mitchell

    Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge.

  8. Peter Barlow

    You’re running out of bridges! Maybe it’s not a bridge!

  9. under bridge near tuttis and duck

  10. Seth Schachter

    Quite certain it’s under the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial bridge
    I have kayaked under this bridge before and looks familiar.

  11. Jay Tormey 66

    Under the Post Road bridge downtown.

  12. Jonathan McClure

    Under the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial bridge (Post Rd.)

  13. Seth Braunstein

    Under the Ruth bridge

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  14. Saugatuck river under the Post Road bridge

  15. Andrew Colabella

    It’s Ruth’s Bridge

  16. Robert Fatherley

    from a kayak under the ruth steinkraus bridge

  17. It is indeed the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial Bridge, over the Post Road in downtown Westport. The photo was taken as Maggie Gomez paddled underneath. Well done!

  18. Breno Donatti

    Under the Ruth bridge that connects the west side to downtown. I’ve been under there with a kayak before

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  19. Jalna Jaeger

    The underside of the downtown bridge that spans the Saugatuck river.

  20. Michael Brennecke

    Under the post road bridge in town.