Al Fresco At Romanacci’s

Plenty of commuters pick up dinner to go at Romanacci Express.

But many people also eat in, at the popular pizza-and-more spot directly opposite the train station

Now they can also eat “out” — literally — on Railroad Place.

The restaurant received a permit to use one parking spot directly in front for al fresco tables. The view is not quite Roman — but it’s pleasant, breezy, and great for people-watching.

The idea was encouraged by town officials, eager to enliven Westport’s dining scene.

Tarantino and Harvest may follow soon.

6 responses to “Al Fresco At Romanacci’s

  1. I just noticed that last night after dropping my mom at the train station. It looked so inviting and quiet!

    Their pizza is delicious too! Such nice guys!

    PS. My mom was up to see the Irving Berlin show at the playhouse it was phenomenal! We are going to be lucky enough for him to come back another time so don’t miss it when he returns presenting another prolific composer!

  2. I met Al there. Food great. Nice people.

  3. Had pizza there last night- it was terrific as always!

  4. Joan Tricarico

    Great idea!

  5. I’m astounded the Town gave up a parking spot across from the Train Station! Never would of happened back in the days of Marios and Dameons despite many deep pockets back then.

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