Drivers Beware: Newtown Turnpike Bridge Work Begins Soon

In 2016, the state Department of Transportation warned of an urgent need to fix the Newtown Turnpike Merritt Parkway bridge.

Deterioration could lead to capstone and fascia falling hazards, an engineer said.

Three years later, those urgent repairs begin.

The Merritt Parkway Newtown Turnpike bridge. (Photo/Jonathan McClure)

Beginning “on or about June 24,” Newtown Turnpike will be closed between Wilton Road and Crawford Road.

Drivers coming from the south (Norwalk) will be detoured to Cranbury Road, Chestnut Hill Road and Wilton Road. They’ll connect back to Newtown Turnpike north of the Merritt.

Drivers coming from the north will do the reverse, getting back on Newtown Turnpike south of the parkway.

Work is expected to be completed by August 27.

It’s a pain, sure. But so is getting conked on the roof by falling debris.

And it’s better than Greenwich. A similar project there — work on the Lake Avenue Merritt Parkway bridge — will result in a detour of 8 1/2 miles.

Through October.

9 responses to “Drivers Beware: Newtown Turnpike Bridge Work Begins Soon

  1. John L Krause

    And how long ago was it they destroyed the historical significance of these by “restoring” them ?

  2. I’ve heard this one before… hopefully this bridge project isn’t as intricate as the North Ave one and that the DOT has a better plan for the support structures so this one-summer project doesn’t turn into a two-year disaster.

  3. Peter Barlow

    Of all the bridges on the Merritt – each one different originally – this one for Newtown Ave. was my favorite. And I remember it from its earliest days. May be the only one with rounded arches. I hope the repairs don’t alter the design.

  4. The Merritt overpass at Sturges
    Highway has a nice arch.

    • The Merritt overpass at Merwins Lane is the prettiest of all. Its fence is wrought iron with flowers and butterflies. They recently repaired and repaved it with no disturbance to anyone. I live down the street and cross it at least once a day. I don’t know if it counts, as it’s in Fairfield.

  5. Going east through the overpass is a lovely view of the barn, a maple tree that turns orange in the Fall, and horses roaming the field. I used to live across the street from the farm before moving to Fairfield, 1/2 mile east.

  6. I agree with Bobbie Her

  7. I agree with Bobbie Her