Friday Flashback #146

Today’s Friday Flashback is barely a decade old.

But when Ashley Skatoff moved to Westport in 2008, Rogers Septic Tanks caught her eye. It was an actual service company — one of the few left on the Post Road.

One day, she pulled in and asked to take some pictures. Sure, the man (whose name she does not recall) said. He was proud — and a wonderful subject.

Ashley says, “I loved the spot and the images, because they were larger than Rogers and larger than Westport. There is so much humanity on that plot of land, and I thought it came through in pictures from that day. This could be anywhere in the United States.”

“I believe the earth has good energy there – it was like a different dimension – and whatever goes there next will inherit that energy and pass it on through the next humanity that spends time on it.”

What’s next is — possibly — 32 housing units. The 1- and 2-bedroom development is in the permit approval phase with town boards.

“I am sad to see this treasure fading away,” Ashley says.”He really enjoyed that I could appreciate the gem — enough to stop — and gave me a tour.

“That day he said he hoped a restaurant got the space, and would be able to salvage the building and the part of it that would still be cool. He had vision.”

(Photos/Ashley Skatoff)

8 responses to “Friday Flashback #146

  1. Jack Backiel

    Around 1958, right next to the bowling lanes, there were the huge cement septic tanks . (Obviously they were new.) One could open them up on the top. There was a metal handle to lift off the top. The kids used to go inside them for kicks. Of course being the ultra mature ten year old, I’d never, ever, ever think of doing that!

  2. These are wonderful images and nicely document what was once commonplace in Westport but has now nearly vanished.
    Nice work, Ashley.

  3. I loved that funky building. I’ll really miss it when it’s gone. But the only thing that’s permanent is change.

  4. Joan Tricarico

    My husband is a Plumber and when we were dating he took me there to show me around, very romantic!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    “I believe the earth has good energy there”.

    Love that descriptive.

    Really good photography here … I got the vibe of the place right away.

    Excellent stuff.

  6. What a lovely reflection! I’ve been driving by Rogers Septic for decades without ever stopping to consider the story–and the man–behind the place.

  7. Chris Grimm

    Having lived for nearly a quarter-century on Cottage Lane, pretty much behind the property… let’s not over-sentimentalize this neighborhood blight. (Though black-and-white makes everything look better!)

    Pictures of the bags of unidentified garbage bags thrown in the woods behind might have given a more full story (they have been here since I moved here!). Though I believe 06880 ran my picture of the junked food truck that found it’s way there a few years back. And no picture does an adequate job of portraying the unpermitted commercial activity that has gone on at the site, day and night, the last few years.

    Yes, I get that the loss of the last manufacturing facility in Westport will represent the end of an era. This is just flotsam and jetsam.

    • Fair enough, Chris. It’s easy to romanticize a gritty industrial site from afar… Sure hope you and your peeps come out OK on this – your street is super nice.