Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page Return To Westport For Levitt Fundraiser

Back in the day, Jimmy Page played at Staples High School. He had just replaced Eric Clapton, when the Yardbirds made their first-ever American appearance in Westport.

Clapton made it to the Staples stage a few months later, playing with Cream. It was one more in the now-legendary late-1960s series of concerts here in town.

Both musicians — now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — are still touring. And they’ll be the latest in the list of special artists (including Willie Nelson, Roberta Flack, John Fogerty and many more) who have played at the Levitt Pavilion’s annual fundraiser. This year’s concert is set for Sunday, June 30.

The Clapton and Page concert — called “Cream of the Yardbirds” — came about because of another collaboration.

Dick Sandhaus and Paul Gambaccini were Staples students who managed to book fantastic acts (also including the Doors and Rascals) for the Staples stage.

Both have gone on to noted careers. Sandhaus produced much larger concerts, and now works in the fields of technology and marketing. Gambaccini became one of England’s most famous music critics and personalities.

Several months ago, they reminisced about their teenage concert-promoting days. Both regretted never seeing Clapton and Page play together at Staples. With their connections, they realized, they could make it happen — over 50 years later.

Now they have.

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39 responses to “Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page Return To Westport For Levitt Fundraiser

  1. No McCartney & Townsend?!?!

  2. It’s April 1st my friend

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  3. Tamera Lewichter

    Better yet: Joplin & Slick

  4. Scott D. Rownin | SafeRide

    Not Funny!! I tried to get on the list without even thinking..

  5. Michelle Benner

    HA! I fell for this right away! Thanks again Dan, your April fools jokes are the best!

  6. April Fools

  7. My phone is going nuts.

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  9. And Clapton did play in Greenwich last year, so I do want to know who’s sleeping at the switch!

  10. Elaine Marino

    You got me! I am a huge Clapton fan. My two best friends from Maine recall that one day when we were eight or so, we were pretending to be women. One friend said, “My name is Mrs. Herman’s Hermits.” The other friend said, “My name is Mrs. Davy Jones.” I said, “My name is Mrs. Eric Clapton” and my friends said, “Who is that?” The three of us are still best friends today, and I am still a Clapton fan.

  11. Cruel Dan cruel totally bought ot

  12. That was “War of the Worlds”-worthy … But I called Keith right away & he said it wasn’t true!

  13. Elaine McKinney

    Took me a minute (or two), but thanks for getting the adrenaline going!!! Got me good 🙂

  14. Hanne Jeppesen

    $3.00 to see Cream with Eric Clapton, how times have changed. Yes, I know inflation etc. I was an au pair in Westport at that time, and I went to the concert invited by a date. I bet $6.00 didn’t break his budget for weeks or months, which it seems concert these days are apt to do. Also I don’t see or hear many new musicians the caliber of Clapton, Santana, Hendrix and the Doors, could be because I don’t follow new music, but tend to stick with what I loved when I was young, a lot of sixties, rock, folk and jazz. I must be getting older.

  15. Jack Whittle

    so not cool, only because I really wanted this to true and even clicked on the “notify me” link.

    punked AND crestfallen!

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  17. Funny – but boy would it be great if it were true.
    I saw Clapton last year in Greenwich, and he was terrific.

  18. Dana Kuyper

    Got me!!!

  19. Not Hall & Oates?

  20. Hilarious Dan! You got me- I clicked!

  21. YOU GOT ME!

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    Well, we knew you were going to do something Dan, as you do every year — just not this!

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    Damn you, Dan!

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    Got me, my unsung hero!!!!!!

  25. Mark Soboslai

    Count me among the revellers in the “April Fools Parade!”

  26. Fred Cantor

    I love the concert title: “Cream of the Yardbirds.”

  27. Kurt Goerltz

    Terrible joke to play someone. Especially someone that loves Clapton and Paige. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  28. April Fool?

  29. Should have gone with R. Kelly. Now that would have lit up the site!

  30. Laurie Holcomb Bullick

    As a member if class if 1970, I totally fell for this! You got me!

  31. Not funny Dan. We were disappointed to learn Eric Clapton wasn’t coming to the Levitt. You made a cruel April Fool’s joke.