Osprey Nest Is Back!

After an anguished weekend, Westport’s favorite ospreys once again have a home.

True to its word, Regency Centers — the owners of the Fresh Market shopping plaza, who directed the removal of the nest on Saturday — worked through the night to replace it.

Several “06880” readers gleefully — even giddily — reported the good news this morning.

Richard Webb got a great photo.

(Photo/Richard Webb)

He writes: “I saw them fishing in the Saugatuck River this morning.  I also saw them flying about. They are working hard!”

Also working hard: hundreds of Westporters, all weekend long, to help make this happen. The ospreys thank you.

77 responses to “Osprey Nest Is Back!

  1. Debbie Katz

    ❤️ — this made my Monday.

  2. Richard Webb

    And Dan it was wonderful to see others there today. Once again in an often fractious town you’ve brought us all together.

  3. Deborah Johnson-Ball


  4. Regi Kendig

    Thank you Dan!!!! This wouldn’t have happened without you!

  5. Matthew Mandell

    This is a true heart warming story. Thanks Dan for following through and for everyone involved in making this work out.

    I was so disturbed to see one of the Birds sitting up there on that naked pole as I drove by over the weekend. While I can’t know what it was thinking, it must have been sadness and confusion.

    Now with the platform back, I’m sure the next will be back in short time.

  6. Andrew Colabella

    When the community comes together 💪🏻🇺🇸

  7. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    Yes!!! What a gorgeous sight, and photo! Thank you, Dan for all the hard work, tracking this. Minute by minute reporting! Thanks, Richard for the wonderful photo! I’m thrilled the ospreys are okay!

  8. Richard Hyman


    The whole mess was entirely avoidable.

    Good for Westport to have spoken up so vehemently.

  9. Julie Loparo

    Such glorious news on this Monday morning. Thank you Dan for organizing this effort and for all your investigative work. Thank you too to all those residents, former residents and non-residents that made phone calls and sent emails on behalf of the ospreys. The much-heralded return of the ospreys came to mean a lot to this community and now, because of this very unfortunate incident, have come to mean even more.

  10. Nicki Pogue

    Monday is saved! Thank you, Dan, for shedding light on this debacle and giving Westporters the platform to pressure Regency to do the right thing. May they get their P&Z comeuppance on Thursday.

  11. Maria Matluck


  12. What wonderful news! It couldn’t have happened without you, Dan. You rallied the troops and brought it to the attention of the proper authorities. Thanks so much.

  13. YAY!! Thanks to all in the community who helped to make this happen!

  14. Jens Buettner

    Well done Mr Woog! Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  15. Rindy Higgins

    And this is no April Fool’s day joke! It’s real, it’s joyous, it’s community communicating! This has made my day! Thankyou to all!

  16. Patricia McMahon

    Absolute Jubilation.
    Thank you again Dan for all you do, and bringing much needed awareness to this crucial issue.
    Welcome home ospreys 💕

  17. Yay! So glad the ospreys have their home!

  18. Gretchen Hoffmann

    I drove past this morning just to see it – and they were hard at work rebuilding. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!!

  19. Kathleen Bennewitz

    Great news for a beautiful first day of April! Awesome!! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

  20. Debra Zager

    That is awesome news! It is great that Westporters and others joined together to make this happen. As for the few negative comments regarding the birds and our town. Everyone has a right to their opinion but “Hate has no place Here”!

  21. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Wonderful news. Many thanks to all the observers and investigative citizens who made this happen. I’m Westport proud and Dan Woog thankful. Great job! If there is an award for most posts, comments and Facebook shares I’ll bet this series wins!

  22. Joelle Malec

    Yay Westport! Yay Dan Woog and 06880! Well done all!!!!
    Love those Osprey and so PROUD of our town today!

  23. Michelle Benner

    Thrilled, relieved and filled with gratitude! Thank you Dan for your active and well informed reporting, thank you community of engaged citizens for taking quick and powerful action, thank you Regency for following through on your word and correcting your mistake. Long live our osprey!

  24. Diana Shayon

    I just spoke with Eric Davidson in their FL headquarts and he assured me they would be at the P&Z meeting on Thursday. We need to turn out in force. Now that they have fixed the mess they created – let’s not forget in one of their important markets – we have to ensure that there are financial consequences to such awful behavior. There are many other communities that they are in, which may not have the people, the social media savvy or -above all – Dan Woog’s blog (thank you so much again – you have a new supporter) – to do the same thing for them if Regency does this again.

  25. Robert Harrington

    Well done Regency Centers for putting this right.

    We all often make wrong steps. There are often unintended consequences of a particular action. That’s life.

    What matters more is speaking up as a community – and then people, boards, companies and organsations putting things right. This happens here and we should all be smiling on Monday am.

  26. I know you always post a good April Fools day post, I just hope this isn’t it! 😊

    • Hah! No, this is legit. And sorry I didn’t have time for an April Fool’s Day post this year. Maybe in 2020…

      • David Stalling

        Every year on April 1st I eagerly check 06880, first thing in the morning, to see what you’ve come up with. The fact that I searched for what isn’t here is an April Fools joke in itself. Brilliant! 😁

      • Kevin McCaul

        Dan, you still have time. Put your thinking cap on!

  27. Ruth Donohue

    Dan I think you can add Osprey Advocate to your many talents. You got the information out there, stayed on the story and gave us a means to respond quickly. Thank you isn’t enough. Now on to the P&Z hearing. We are going to review their plans at town hall today. Outrage is great but we need to have specific issues to help P&Z with their decisions. Are they still planning to remove this platform, just at a better time? Their new plans need to do more than not disturb the ospreys today. They need to maintain a platform for them going forward.

    • It is my understanding that Regency making this request from the Zoning Board is either disingenuous or Regency should acknowledge in their request that asking P&Z “permission” is a baby step towards actually moving or relocating the nest and platform. The P&Z cannot grant Regency permission to move the platform. Regency needs permission from the DEP (or DEEP ) as the Osprey are protected by Federal Law. Regency would need both DEP and Audubon Society to approve and regulate the reasons for and the how/when it would be done. Regency already removed it and put it back without getting permission from power company (pole is electrified ). Regency seems to skip steps to suit themselves. This issue is far from over. We need to watch Regency …like a Hawk (or like an Osprey…).

  28. Nancy Vener

    Very pleased to see the return of the platform and nest.
    However, we need to,keep their feet to the fire when it comes
    To the work on the parking lot. They really need to fix what they
    Have been told needs fixing from their other permits before
    They are issued any new permits. P and Z or some official
    body needs to make sure their standards are met.

  29. Lori Cochran

    This is a great example of what working together as a community can do. Thanks Dan for being the local voice!

  30. Julie Fatherley

    I second Lori Cochran’s wonderful comment. Community at work and kudos
    to Dan for 06880…Julie Fatherley

  31. First email I checked this am so glad the news was good!

  32. K.F. Spearen

    This is Wonderful News … Big Thanks to everyone involved

  33. Diane Silfen

    Well done everyone !!

  34. Great outcome and certainly shows what Westporters’ civic energy & focus with a dash of PR can do regarding maters they care about. Hoping the Super of Wepo Schools and SHS’s Principal, and our educational system in general, garner similar interest and support as we approach – again – two critical positions in the town.

  35. Chris Grimm

    Great news that there has been a positive resolution to what has been an entirely avoidable problem.

    Thanks to Dan for doing such a great job reporting and being a minute by minute clearinghouse of information as the situation unfolded.

    Thanks also to the many residents and advocates who collectively voiced the concern to have this awful action reversed.

    Nonetheless, we should demand accountability for something that should not have happened in the first place.

  36. So happy and relieved- for the ospreys first and foremost and for our town. Thank you, Dan, for all your hard work on this matter and to everyone who voiced their outrage. Well done!

  37. Bonnie Bradley

    I echo all of the wonderful, enthusiastic comments above. Dan, you are the best force for civility, action and kindness I have ever known. 😊
    Congratulations Westport!

  38. Thanks, Bonnie, and all who offered great words to me. But I am just one small (ho ho) part of a wonderful community. I am glad to be able to offer a platform (ha ha) for this story, and proud of all the many Westporters — and others — who responded so quickly, powerfully and effectively.

  39. India Penney

    I see the PLATFORM is back, but see no actual nest. But the photo looks like they might already be building. Fingers crossed.

    Speaking of platforms, thank you Dan for providing one to make all this happen. Westport is, as always, grateful to you and for you.

  40. Peter Saverine

    A great ending to a truly heartfelt and impassioned community voice and a great lesson for many to share. Thanks to all, especially Dan for providing a forum for truth and honesty and all things good.

  41. So happy to see this really did happen, (I was worried that ‘it was already/overnight back’was an April Fool’s joke), ;-). again, congratulations to everyone involved in this rescue, Westport’s Animal Care Reputation is nothing to mess with, 🙂

  42. Brian Taylor

    A westport teardown that was put back to original condition, no mcmansion.

  43. Leslie Riback

    I am so proud of our community. Maybe we can’t change the world but we can make our little piece of it a whole lot better by standing up for what is right and just. A special thanks to all those who care so much and Dan Woog for providing this forum.

  44. Michelle Cardello

    Thank you Dan. You just made my morning.

  45. Trish Leavitt

    Well done!!!

  46. Mitch Thomson

    Please make sure that the actions of Regency are monitored and closely examined with regard to ANYTHING/EVERYTHING that they do— and plan to do— in this town(and others), going forward.
    They are simply sorry that they got caught in this instance.
    Genuine apology on their part? I think not.

  47. Local journalism at its best in the age of social media.

  48. Marci Caporizzo


    To the OSPREYS….may you expedite your nest building and enjoy the love that Westporters have and continue to exhibit for you both and may your chicks grow strong during the summer months and bask in the warmth of the summer sun and cool in the evening breezes. May you always feel the welcoming of love and concern from your neighbors who all fought a difficult battle on your behalf….you both fighting a much stronger one….but forgive us humans for sometimes…some of us make poor decisions and for this we apologize….we need to start taking lessons from Mother Nature and start modeling the a BETTER WAY TO LIVE!

    To Westporters….ESPECIALLY DAN WOOG….THANKS A MILLION for your help and dedication to doing the RIGHT THING!!! There is strength in numbers and this was a GREAT EXAMPLE….JOB WELL DONE!!!

    IMPORTANT NOTE…It was a good move that ONLY THE PLATFORM was re-established and NOT THE NEST! Just like our house building….the Ospreys need to know that they have a strongly designed and built nest for their young. Humans trying to replicate it for them would have been disastrous to say the least….they would have had two choices and given the energy and efforts that they have already expended this could have proven to be their undoing. They would have had to dis-assemble the mess on the platform or with such limited time…or choose to abandon it all together (a very sad day) because it would have meant days and hours of work to dis-assemble and restructure their own. However PLACING ALL THE NESTING MATERIALS IN AN AREA WAY TO THE BACK OF THE PARKING LOT AND PROTECTING THIS AREA FROM CARS/PEOPLE….might help them to find much needed materials for their nest without having to waste hours searching out new materials….AT THIS POINT….THIS IS CRITICAL! The Ospreys know instinctively how much time they have to BUILD, SET EGGS, AND TO RAISE OFFSPRING in order to complete before the MIGRATION back to Columbia….anything that shortens that window will affect them and they will CHOOSE not to nest if they don’t have proper time to do so….this whole event may have well made its mark already….they may build a nest but not set eggs….sadly for them and us all…but they are creatures of habit and will RETURN AGAIN…hopefully to a nest in the SAME LOCATION and built by them….UNTOUCHED by ANYONE!!!


    As I write this I am assured in knowing that so many of our concerned Westporters will be present at the P&Z meeting and P&Z may have to hold their meeting in a much larger venue from the sounds of the masses. To you all….be KIND but FIRM….have FACTS….not FOLLIES….P&Z is a TOUGH group and not easily swayed negatively but we can be comforted in knowing that they will TAKE THEIR TIME and go over EVERYTHING thoroughly before making any decisions….speaking from experience! I am sure that they realize that this sad event is going to power a VERY WELL ATTENDED meeting and there won’t be enough time in one evening to hear from all the concerned people….one can only hope that the actions of REGENCY will be of great concern to our officials and hoping that as one reader/blogger said they will consider the previous projects not being done to requirements as having to be brought up to date before moving forward with yet another one.


    Can we put a happier SPIN on this tragedy…..

    Could we have a CONTEST of sorts here in Westport for the OFFICIAL NAMING of our AVIAN PAIR….It’s fitting for them to be recognized for their Tenacity, Beauty, Commitment to each other, and their willingness to forgive us all…..Our Community rallied together and will continue to do so in support of our HAPPY PAIR of Raptors….perhaps we could sweeten up the sour taste that we were left with and empower our community once again to being such a SPECIAL PLACE to LIVE…..GO WESTPORT!!!

    • Or… start the OSPREY AWARD and give it to someone who—out of the blue, does something wonderful… Dan Woog you are the BEST!
      This was actually amazing to follow✨✨✨

      In my book, Dan— you win 2019 Osprey Award!

    • Great info and idea, Marci! Suggestions for names are welcome here!

  49. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    This is wonderful news!!! I look forward to seeing photos when the nest is more evident. I am so happy (and surprised) that Regency worked through the night to get this done. Thank you, Dan and everyone.

  50. Joshua Stein

    Yes major props to Dan!!!! Excellent job posting and keeping up with everything.

  51. Denise Torve

    What terrific news to start our day! What a great town Westport is! What a great scribe we have in Dan Woog who keeps us informed and engaged on every imaginable topic!

  52. Brad Muscott

    I live in Redding, was brought up in Weston, and went to school at Staples — we diidn’t have a high school in those days. I have been in and around Westport all my life, worked and lived there and still do business in Westport. Oscar’s Deli was a favorite hang-out.

    While I live in Redding, I read Dan Woog’s blog on a daily basis and have always enjoyed it and try to support his efforts to appreciate and better his community. This latest osprey debacle is proof positive of his value to your (our) community of intelligent, caring human beings.

    To live in a town with no voice is like living in a vacuum: Redding lost its newspaper a couple of years ago and we all miss that opportunity to learn, consider, and react to town happenings. Westporters should be very grateful for Dan’s eloquent commitment to his community. You are very fortunate to have him in your midst and so many of you have shown that appreciation… in words. While I do not know Dan personally, I do know that a blog such as this one requires financial support… and graciousness.

    Thank you, Dan, and all of you for this very bright light in a troubled world.

    • Thanks, Brad! Much appreciated. It’s interesting (and great) that so many former Westporters still feel connected to this wonderful, sometimes wacky, always involved town. It’s like the Hotel California: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Thanks for being part of our extended “06880” family!

  53. Patty Kondub

    Where would we be without Dan and 06880?
    Thank you everyone!

  54. Richard Fogel

    Dan the man

  55. Bill Boyd Staples 66

    Now I hope they can build a new nest (not a minor challenge) in the time before the eggs….. Kudos to all..especially you DAN !

  56. Rosemary Milligan

    I have been following this story from 3,000 miles away and am happy happy happy at the outcome. Thank you Dan

  57. For any of us thinking of a 2020 contribution to the 06880 blog, now might be a good time to pony up. 🙂

  58. Charlie Therault

    I am very glad to hear good mews about the. strandered Osprey.

  59. What a wonderful start to April!

    This is what makes our town so special! Thank you Dan for your reach and rally around this slice of nature that is so pure to all who live here and get to experience her nest building and caregiving every year ❤️

    The beauty of Westport nature is for all of us to behold.

  60. William Symington

    I was a Westport resident from 1998 to 2010, and always loved the ospreys. I remain a regular visitor to Westport and was heartened by this weekend’s story. I note that many young people were involved in bringing the nest removal to wider attention and I congratulate them and all who acted. In these days of polarization and division I would also like to thank Regency Centers for the very rapid correction of their mistake.
    As a sign of my affection for the Westport ospreys, when I set up my own consultancy three years ago I choose to call it Osprey Consultants!

  61. Yay! 💜👍👍

  62. Susie V. Collins

    Thank goodness the Ospreys got support from the public! The birds must be exhausted, having to rush to re-create a second nest. Thank you Dan Woog for keeping everyone posted.

    • P&Z Meeting tonight … Regency Center “apologized” for the removal and they have an obvious “hired gun” who “sounds good on paper”(as my mom would say) from the Audubon Society in Fairfield … who mentioned that Regency called him “Friday evening” to let him know they planned to remove platform and nest the next day – he said he did t have much time to react but claimed (paraphrasing) that “Regency acted in good faith and were trying to save the birds from harm that the disruption of oncoming construction would cause – and … that they wanted to move nest while it was still “unoccupied “… He/Regency define “uninhabited nest” as one with no eggs in it … So he expressed how that was really OK….
      IT IS SO NOT OK! The nest was not uninhabited and if he is the supposed Wildlife Expert Regency relied upon – God Help the Osprey! He knows full well that moving the nest/platform needed to be done under the auspices of the DEP as these birds are Federally Protected. He insinuated that since the nest had no eggs in it – no harm no fowl (FOUL I SAY!) . THAT may be true for CT State Law where a finch nest is concerned but not for Federal Migratory Bird Nests – he knows that but he is obviously getting paid by the deep pockets of Regency Center – armed with their cursory apology and then not one mention of Osprey after that. They have created a very pretty story of how they moved them
      (Under cloak of darkness and over a weekend ) for the safety of the birds! “NICE STORY BRO..”
      I am quite certain they will be there to tell another story. This is a paid hired “Audubon “ Expert whose talk at the meeting flew in the face of any other wildlife expert anyone else has spoken to. This drama isn’t over. As a town we need to make certain that Regency doesn’t pull their normal BS – which seems to be to do what they want and ask for a variance to suit what they have done AFTER they have done it. This is far from over …