“Main To Train Study” Wants You

If you’re a normal Westporter, you’re probably all meeting-ed out.

So I’m presenting this without editorial comment.

The town of Westport hosts a public information meeting next Monday (March 25, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall room 201). The subject is the “Westport Main to Train Study.”

That’s the project to identify improvements to vehicle, bike and pedestrian safety and circulation on the Post Road and Riverside Avenue. The idea is to create better connections between downtown and the train station, and “promote non-motorized transportation choices.”

The meeting — the 3rd of 5 planned during the study — is open to residents, business owners, commuters and “other local stakeholders who are concerned about transportation in Westport.”

For more information the Westport Main to Train Study, click here.

Post Road East and Riverside Avenue. The “Main to Train” study includes the often-gridlocked intersection.

5 responses to ““Main To Train Study” Wants You

  1. John D McCarthy

    Speak up if you want to see parking on Riverside Avenue remain in front of places like Saugatuck El and Assumption Church. As I am not sure how you do a bike lane down Riverside and still allow parking on the street.

  2. Sal Liccione

    Also speak up if you want public transit to still be in westport email or call Jim. Marpe or Jen tooker and melissa Kane we need to keep the busses for workers in westport and commuters please call jim Marpe office we paid for this study not to sit around call all 3

  3. Yet another silly, grant funded, make-work “study” destined for a shelf somewhere in town hall.

  4. I was very grateful for the mini bus to the station many years ago. Mass transit is important

  5. Since we just returned from the Netherlands – which is right up there with Denmark on bicycle utilization – I’d be surprised if anything significant comes of this study. The US has such a huge way to go to create the infrastructure the Dutch have – even small towns like our daughters have more bike lanes – along any main road plus on many side roads as well – and the roads themselves are designed with frequent drempels and other traffic calming solutions like rotaries, etc – plus there is very regular bus service, trains cross-crossing the country with hourly or half hourly service, etc. America can only dream of such convenience and bike or pedestrian-friendly thinking. Good luck to all in this study – I may be a pessimist but also a realist – too much investment in cars here for too many years with zero focus in most states for alternatives.

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