And The Grammy For Album Of The Year Goes To…

… Kacey Musgraves, for “Golden Hour.”

But there — standing right next to the country music star last night, at the 61st annual awards in Los Angeles — was Daniel Tashian.

He shared in the award — twice. He’s one of the album’s 3 producers — and one of 3 songwriters too. He shares both credits with Musgraves and Ian Fitchuk.

Daniel also played multiple instruments and provided background vocals. Previously, both the Country Music Association and Apple Music named “Golden Hour” Album of the Year.

Daniel Tashian and Kacey Musgraves, at last night’s Grammy Awards.

The “06880” connection: Tashian is the son of Barry and Holly Tashian. Both are Staples graduates.

Their names are familiar to Westporters. Barry fronted the Remains, the legendary band that toured with the Beatles. He went on to play guitar with the Flying Burrito Brothers and Emmy Lou Harris, among many others.

A longtime resident of Nashville, he carved out a rewarding performing, recording and songwriting career alongside his wife, the former Holly Kimball. She’s got a beautiful voice. Together, they’ve performed all over the world.

Neither the Remains, nor Barry and Holly Tashian, won a Grammy — though they sure should have.

But they’re just as proud today as if they’d won a dozen themselves.

(Do you know of any other Westport/Grammy connections? Click “Comments” below. Hat tips: Marc Bailin and Fred Cantor)

7 responses to “And The Grammy For Album Of The Year Goes To…

  1. Tashian

  2. Brian Keane class of 1971 is a Grammy winner ..not sure the year. Incredible musician

  3. Also the son of Mike Stroetzel class of 1970 is a recent (last 10 years) winner for Kipswitch Engage group. Alternative Rock pretty famous band.

  4. Nike Rodgers lives on Saugatuck Island since about 1978!

  5. Obviously we’ve had many Grammy winners through the years. I have coevered many of them. I was looking for this year!

  6. Suspected he might be Holly and Barry’s son. Thanks for the confirmation!

  7. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    This is wonderful news! There is something very special in the Tashian-Kimball DNA….I’ve said it before but I will repeat myself…I saw all the great bands of the 60s from the Animals and BEATLES to the Zombies…the Remains were the BEST live rock band I ever saw… period….Tight, loud, dynamic..and Barry’s stage presence! No wonder they inspired J. Geils, Peter Wolf, Jon Landau, et al. Congrats to the Tashian clan!