For The Tashian Family, The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

Barry Tashian is a legendary name in Westport music history.

One of the founders of the Remains — who, with fellow Staples grad Bill Briggs, toured with the Beatles in 1966, starred on “Ed Sullivan” and “Hullabaloo,” and were, in the words of Jon Landau, “how you told a stranger about rock ‘n’ roll” — he went on to play guitar with the Flying Burrito Brothers and Emmy Lou Harris.

A longtime resident of Nashville, he carved out a rewarding performing, recording and songwriting career alongside his wife, former Staples classmate Holly Kimball. She’s got a beautiful voice. Together, they’ve performed all over the world.

Now their son Daniel continues the Tashian tradition.

Daniel Tashian

In 2018 he produced “Golden Hour” for Kacey Musgraves. Daniel also wrote 7 of the tracks, played multiple instruments and provided background vocals. Both the Country Music Association and Apple Music named it Album of the Year.

It’s been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards. Winners will be announced next month.

But one thing is certain: Like his dad and mom, no matter what genre, Daniel Tashian rocks.

9 responses to “For The Tashian Family, The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

  1. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    Congratulations Daniel! I’m not surprised…his parents are great musical talents!!

  2. Richard Fogel


  3. Charlie Taylor

    Dan and Barry played on my first album Once Upon A Time

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  4. The Remains The Greatest Band that never was. Their stay was short but immense.

  5. Beautiful❤️

  6. Michael Calise

    When First Night was riding high Holly and Barry were great hits at the Seaberry Center

  7. Daniel DOES rock! Congratulations!!!

  8. Daniel co-wrote a fabulous song, “If I’m Still Dreamin’,” that was performed on the TV show, “Nashville” and was as good as any original song that was featured on that show. Check it out. Good luck to Daniel at the Grammys.

  9. Barry and Dee Tashian lived up the hill from us and were part of a gang of young rapscallions who roamed Old Mill Beach and the Hills of Compo, Bluewater and Burnham during the 50’s. Snowball, mudball, and chestnut fights (football helmets and garbage can tops for defense), endless pickup games on fields and sand flats, sledding from the top of Buena Vista over fields, roads and lawns to see-who-can-make-it across the street to the beach at the bottom, hurricanes in boats patrolling S. Compo Road, Tom & Hucking on makeshift rafts in the Mill Pond, kick the can, capture the flag, sailing, swimming, Mill Pond bridges, impersonating Davy Crockett and Roy Rogers on Sherwood Island, jumping off the wall at Old Mill with towels as caped crusaders, homemade hot rods, refreshments at Kenny’s. Every new home construction site was our playground.
    Barry and The Remains ruled the college campus circuit in the late 60’s. 50 years later my kids arranged a surprise birthday present – a concert and backstage reunion with The Remains at a nightclub in Somerville, MA before a sold-out audience of adoring fans. They rocked the place.