Pics Of The Day #624

New Year’s Day drew hordes of people to Compo Beach … (Photo/Tom Cook)

… and of course dogs … (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

… though by dusk the crowd thinned considerably. (Photo/ Tracy Porosoff)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #624

  1. Eleanor Sasso

    Beautiful pic!
    Anyone know the section of beach set aside for LEASHED dogs only? I would like to be able to enjoy walking my 2 German Shepherds on the sand by the water, but wherever I go, unleashed and not under control, dogs race up to my 2 and jump them.
    They react and it is disastrous. No owner in site or too far away to be useful. My pups are not vicious, but prefer to be left alone. We should be able to enjoy the beach in winter too!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    All three photos are superb! Great captures.
    Love it!

    Wish I’d been there!

    (The first pic strangely reminded me of some type of zombie-esque movie scene … maybe it was the shadows and the stillness of most of the people standing and gazing, or … heck, whatever … a cool pic!)

    Thanks Dan!