America Today: Your 6-Word Stories.

Earlier this month, Karin Kessler challenged “06880” readers to describe America’s current situation.

In just 6 words.

The owner of Backspace — the typewriter/writing shop on Church Street South, behind Little Barn — loves the written word, and interacting with customers. This was a good way to combine both.

But she was more interested in hearing what we all have to see. People could write their 6 words at home, and post them on social media. They could even do it the old-fashioned way: by e-mail.

Karin Kessler, in her Backspace space.

Responses poured in.

Here, in no particular order — because that sure is America today* — is what we’re thinking.

  • First generation American….with Caribbean heart!
  • Trump celebrates Hanukkah. Jewish suffering continues.
  • Tear gas our tired and our poor?
  • Stirring the pot doesn’t always emulsify
  • One flag for two parties. United.
  • Where do we go from here?
  • I love my country, food, family.
  • “Me too,” I could finally say.
  • On couch, should go to bed.
  • Bipartisan meeting scheduled; no one showed.
  • She lost and the world changed.
  • Think about John Peter Zenger’s actions.

John Peter Zenger: symbol of America’s free press

  • Comity, please; enmity doesn’t work.
  • US is for people, not party!
  • Freedom of the press equals Democracy
  • Red state, Blue state . . . purple people
  • Our children. Why care? Different party.
  • America’s destiny? It’s up to us.
  • You need me on that wall.
  • Definitely the Founding Fathers hated tyrants.
  • Red. White. Blue. All for You.

  • White Nationalism in America Must End
  • They came, worked hard and succeeded.
  • Neoliberal stenographers, few left, type right.
  • We’re divided; what’s profile of each?
  • This I know: we’re all interconnected.
  • African DNA results for white nationalist.
  • Their job, to overlook. They did.
  • Some people don’t follow directions.
  • His impeachment due to corrupt actions.
  • Close eyes, deep breath, relax now
  • He destroyed her soul with avarice.
  • Repeat Plan A until you succeed
  • Kindness fosters love. Love creates miracles.
  • Don’t waste energy despairing. Organize! Vote!

  • Looking intently for a way out.
  • Trust thy neighbor not thy politician.
  • It was your heartlessness, she said.
  • She voted for hope and won.
  • Unfuck America before be too late.


*That’s my own 6-word contribution

27 responses to “America Today: Your 6-Word Stories.

  1. Westport. Once again. Is very cool.

  2. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.


  3. Robert Mitchell

    Have faith. This, too, shall pass.

  4. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    Sadly..even this feels too partisan.

  5. David Stalling

    A paradox of hope and despair.

  6. there is no shortage of SUCKERS

  7. Love watching snowflakes cry and whine

    • So do I, but also with sadness …for the hysteria and truly insane protests and riots that are ruining our country.

  8. In the new year we do better?

  9. how many bone spurs Mueller have?

  10. As Amos Oz said “it is what it is till it ain’t “

  11. Michael Calise

    walk the ground with bare feet.

  12. Save our Democracy from Donald Trump.

    • there are many in Westport and throughout our country that admire his bigotry,racism.

    • and many more who simply admire him, and note the telling failure to provide any evidence to support cries of bigotry and racism

      • None so blind as those who will not see.

        • if you have searched for the best support for your claim, and an opinion piece from The Guardian is what you go with, your claim is quite dubious indeed 🙄

          • Russell Gontar

            Let me help you:

            “…In 1973, Richard Nixon’s Department of Justice sued the Trump family business for refusing to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race and color”.

            It also charged that the company had required prohibitively stringent rental terms and conditions to black applicants and had lied about unit availability to keep black residents out. A then 26-year-old Donald Trump was the president of the company at the time.

            Three Trump doormen also told the DoJ they had been instructed to deflect African Americans who came to Trump buildings to apply for apartments. The suit was later settled “without an admission of guilt”, as Trump is keen on reminding.”

            Are you disputing that this occurred? I’ll leave aside his birther nonsense…for the moment.

        • video and the actual vocabulary exiting the presidents mouth is not an opinion. Denial is not reality. No matter what proof one provides his supporters admire him for his bigotry and for his racism. Everyone knows it

  13. Disagree respectfully and find common ground

  14. I recommend that the people of Westport make real estate in the town much more affordable, so that the poor, the illegals and minorities can all live there with you. That way you can have the America that you keep preaching about.

    Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk!

  15. Russell Gontar

    You know who else preached about the poor, the “illegals” and minorities?
    Seasons greetings to you.

    • the new homes and renovations throughout Westport are performed by many illegal immigrant talented labor. Many realtors and builders love Trump at the same time scream build the fantasy wall Mexico will not pay or.r. Trumps private New Jersey Golf Course is under FBI,Mueller,New Jersey Attorney General for potential crimes of issuing false Id to illegal immigrants. Several illegal immigrants have hired a New Jersey attorney to bring their facts into the light. How can realtors,builders that enjoy high profit margins from the talented work of illegal immigrants and at the same time discriminate against the least fortunate in society, I recall the poor Guatemalan young roofer who died working on a house in Westport. Who was the builder who hired the crew? Should we call ICE? Who does the nails in the salons in town? Who does the reflexology and body massage? Who cooks your restaurant meals? Who washes the dishes in our community establishments. I could name the business in town that use illegals. Delis, markets,car washes! What would happen to Westport,to our country without thes talented immigrant work staff. Millions of immigrant Jews were turned away from Canada and USA. They came here due to unsafe conditions in foreign lands. Happy New Year

  16. Legal immigration is great for America, illegal immigration is not. Illegals cost the tax payers billions of dollars each year. Me personally, I don’t want to pay for there health care, housing, food or there education, I have enough trouble paying for my own family. A recent US census report states that 63% of non citizens are on welfare. The reason why health care is so expensive these days, is because you can’t give free health care to 30 million people without someone paying for it. How did we manage to survive in this country prior to the huge influx of illegals over the last 20 or so years? We did because the vast majority of Americans hustled and didn’t sit on there fat lazy butts collecting government subsidies like they do now.

    Happy New Year!

    • Russell Gontar

      There is no United States Census report that states what you claim. The center for immigration studies is conservative “think” tank. Happy to take a look at an actual report from the actual US census if you can provide a link. By the way, the word you’re looking for is their, not there.