America’s Story. In Just 6 Words.

No matter what your political views, it can feel as if there are no words to describe America’s current situation.

But all you need are 6.

Ernest Hemingway wrote the most famous 6-word story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Since then, writers of all types have tried their hand at the 6-word exercise.

Karin Kessler wants to hear yours.

She’s the upbeat, indefatigable owner of Backspace, the typewriter shop/writing space on Church Street South, behind Little Barn.

Karin Kessler, in her Backspace space.

Customers always talk about the political climate, Karin says. They usually throw their hands in the air, and say they have no voice.

So this month, she invites everyone to come to Backspace and write their own 6-word story on any typewriter. There’s no charge.

(You can also write at home, and drop it off at Backspace. You can email it in too — — or post it on a special Facebook page. But if you haven’t seen the shop, you really should.)

Any and every viewpoint is welcome (except hate-mongering).

The 6 words should have something to do with the political atmosphere — and be a thought-provoking reflection of the times.

“We can show that right and left can coexist, and respectfully disagree with one another,” Karin says.

This is not a competition between parties, she notes. She’s looking for “a description, statement or feeling about politics today.”

Karin offers her own suggestion: “United we stand. Divided we fall.”

She hopes to compile the stories, to promote both thought and conversation.

December can be a stressful month. She hopes this can be a fun exercise, done during downtime on the train, while stuck in traffic, or anywhere else. (Except, I guess, watching Fox or MSNBC.)

“Let’s start a wave from Westport, using our right of freedom of speech,” Karin says. “Let’s all hear what everyone says.”

In exactly 6 words.

13 responses to “America’s Story. In Just 6 Words.

  1. RELAX, we have all seen worse.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    If he were around, Caesar would write, “I came, I saw, I conquered,”

    • Good one Dick. In the original Latin, Caesar said: Veni, Vidi, Vici. So Caesar would still have 3 words left for a sequel to his 1st story

  3. I hope we can survive this.

  4. William Strittmatter

    Connecticut, be excellent to each other.

  5. Dan Woog should be President tomorrow.

  6. “We know what works, Freedom works”

    Pres GW 41, an American Hero’s 6 words

  7. “America’s current situation” It’s all relative.

  8. It’s always darkest before the dawn

  9. We certainly live in Interesting times 😎

  10. Respect our differences be better for it (oops that’s seven)

  11. Charles Taylor

    Preach Christ, if necessary use words