Pic Of The Day #620

Flood-proofing, at Old Mill Beach. (Photo/John Videler, Videler Photography)

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  1. Or as we at Old Mill call it: Tuesday. 🙂

  2. During the early 70’s I lived in that house over the summer. Myself and some teacher friends were renting the house next door(which has also been raised but at the time was owned by the Cammerons ) between September and June. Then we had to move out for the summer rentals or owners came in.. One of those summers I moved next door to the house being raised. Wally( he was the third selectman in town-can’t remember his last name( maybe Meyer?? lived there) and he rented me a room . The house on the corner was rented by all the waiters from Cafe Del a Plage(spelling) the great french restaurant that recently got torn down. Elviras was owned by Kenny whom we called Grubs and ran a little store there. It was pretty gross in there.My roommate would only leave money on the counter and would not want to have Kenny touch anything he bought. One day I asked him if he would sell it as I had visions of making it into a great little deli. He wouldn’t sell. I believe when he passed away he left the town a very sizable amount of money. Lots of nice memories living on the beach in Westport.Most of the houses had no insulation but oil was cheap. Lots of teachers lived there and many fun parties.

    • Michael Calise

      Ken Montgomery left his store, the adjacent house and a small parking lot across the street (now the front yard of #227) to the YMCA

  3. Wally Meyer still lives at Old Mill except is now a tenant. I’m (almost) a 31 year resident. Post Storm Sandy many houses have been lifted at Old Mill and Compo Cove.

  4. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    I was thinking… with global warming and sea levels on the rise….how long until the NEXT raising of foundations? Sad thought, that….