Friday Flashback #117

Today is Black Friday: the start of the holiday shopping season.

Merchants hope folks flock downtown, jamming Main Street to shop at the many chain stores and less numerous but very cool locally owned ones, then grab a bite at the few places left to eat.

If you want basics, you have to go elsewhere. But back in the day, Main Street was an actual “main street.” It was filled with grocery stores, drugstores, hardware stores: the lifeblood of any town.

Here are 2 photos, from years past.

3 Main Street, near the corner of the Post Road (then called State Street). The building looks the same today, though the tenant is long gone. (Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

Another long-ago business — though the building next door looks almost the same.

4 responses to “Friday Flashback #117

  1. After school we walked to town from what was then Bedford Jr High (and Staples across the atheletic fields), stopped at the bakery for a treat, then to my Mom’s office at the Town Crier a few doors away, next to the movie theater, to arrange for a ride home later. Then it was off to walking around town checking out the shops.

  2. Dan, does anyone know the approximate year these pictures were taken?

    • Eve Potts’ book, “Westport, a Special Place” shows the bakery photo in a wider view and it seems to be from about 1900. The baker was Edward Lehn Jr. who was also a photographer in town and presumably took the picture. Eve’s book has lots of interesting items of Westport history.

  3. That was my great grandfather’s bakery on my moms side. Edward Lehn. They had to sell it and go back to the farm off Roseville. They have a road named after them Lehn Farm Rd