Lots Of Shoppers

With little fanfare, the new Elm Street parking lot is now open.

It’s next to Bedford Square — on the site of the former Villa del Sol restaurant.

It — and every other downtown lot — was packed today. Already, drivers are ignoring arrows and roaring the wrong way through it.

Meanwhile, temperatures rose from yesterday’s record-setting lows, and Westporters shrugged off the stock market’s lows.

Downtown was jammed, with shoppers seeking Black Friday bargains. The holiday season — the longest possible, as Thanksgiving came on the earliest possible date — is off to a strong start.

8 responses to “Lots Of Shoppers

  1. Carolanne Curry

    There is a vitality and even though it’s tied to consumerism, this vitality is good to feel.
    Maybe David Waldman can convene a group of optimists …and come up with achievable goals to fill the vacant stores that now prevail.
    How positive it would be.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    What is the status of Villa del Sol. Weren’t they supposed to relocate and reopen close by?

    • I saw a bright yellow sign ‘Villa del Sol Coming Soon’ in the front window of the white building on US RT 1 across the street from Kings Highway School and next to now formerly Dragone Classic Car (Saab) showroom. The sign came down at the end of the summer.
      Something happened….
      I hope the family doing well and in good health.

  3. Anyone know when the big piles of dirt across the street will be removed? Taking up at least 6 spots.

  4. Next year, most of that “vitality” is gonna’ be at the new mall in Norwalk….sad to say.

  5. I wish more parking lots would have directional signs (NOT that folks pay attention to them!) indicating one way, etc. So many near misses, especially in the parking lot at Fresh Market. Yikes.

  6. Oh the parking issue! Hey folks, park up behind Town Hall and walk (OMG Walk) to Main street and environs.

  7. ah, to dine once again at the delicious and friendly Villa del Sol. . .