[OPINION] Give Pizza Place A Chance

Alert — and hungry — “06880” reader Dawn Norris writes:

I appreciate that “06880” likes to help local businesses stay in business. So here is my story.

My husband and I liked the pizza at Julian’s Saugatuck location (now closed). The other night we were looking for good food (other than pizza), but without breaking our budget.

I remembered Julian’s location on Post Road East has a nice bar with TVs to watch games. I pulled up their menu and saw they had many items besides pizza.

What an amazing surprise. The calamari was excellent. Our dinners were superb. My chicken picatta was thin sliced and succulent. My husband raved about the Julian cavatelli.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

We started a conversation with Mike, the owner. He was diligently handing orders to the line of Uber Eats drivers who were coming in.

He said that Uber Eats is fine, but they take a percentage. He struggles with how to get more people to actually come to the restaurant and eat.

He has a new chef, and wants to offer folks a “home away from home.” He has a “Westport rent,” but wants to keep his prices reasonable.

My husband and I were so impressed with the quality of our food and the fair price point, we sat with Mike for an hour discussing how to get the word out. He does a good business on the weekend, but is slow during the week.

I thought of “06880.” Julian’s is a family-friendly restaurant with fair prices, an excellent menu, and really good drinks for adults. That’s a very hard combination to find in Westport.

I’m happy to give Julian’s — at 1460 Post Road East — a shout-out. And any other small local restaurant too. If you’ve got a favorite to recommend, click “Comments” below.

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  1. One very huge negative about Westport is that it strangles the “little guy” and makes competing almost impossible! So here’s my idea. There are a few family owned businesses, like Ed Mitchell’s, who were around at a time when the town was friendlier to mom and pop operations, Ask a business like this to help out. Maybe they could help and hand out “Weekday Fliers or coupons” to their customers for the months of December and January. Perhaps other local successful businesses would be willing to get the word out too. When I was a kid in the 1950s, all businesses were local, family types: Borchettas, Westfair Pharmacy, The Clam Box etc…

  2. Julian’s is one of my go-to places after movies, the Y or just when I’m too tired or have no time to cook. I was just there 2 nights ago. Prices and food are both really good!

  3. Janette Kinnally

    Good food at Julian’s. We went last time with our soccer team. Great place to go with the whole family or for special events too

  4. Another fabulous family run restaurant-Tavern on Main. The Zervos family always goes out of their way to help the local community in any and all endeavors. The food is superb, the atmosphere wonderful, the staff engaging if you talk to them. The menu is constantly changing to suit the needs of their clientele. See something you like but want to add or take things away from the dish? Never a problem. Drinks are excellent. It’s the Cheers of Westport. If you haven’t been there in a while or have overlooked it, give it a try.

  5. If Julian’s has really good entrees, then they should market themselves as a restaurant.
    Pizza places are considered take-out food and are notorious for just having basics like eggplant parmigiana and meatball subs that are not considered “gourmet”.

  6. My only issue with them is the pizza is not nearly as good as it was at the Saugatuck location.

  7. Love the community spirit! We’ll give it a try. India’s comment is spot on. I’ve always thought of it as “just another pizza” place. Your post changes that impression.

  8. Michael Calise

    Thanks for the info. I thought is was just pizza.

  9. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Tutti’s in Saugatuck is another great family restaurant. We are treated like family every time we go and we go often.

  10. Robert Mitchell

    Coffee An’. Very good breakfast and lunch – not just doughnuts. And the patrons talk to each other and the staff, too. Nice atmosphere.

  11. J Scott Broder

    We’ve been there a few times with family and friends, definately worth trying. Service was
    very accommodating and the food was good.👍🏼

  12. I used to get food from Julian’s Saugatuck location at least a couple times per week. It was a go to for either a quick slice or multi-course dinner. I was saddened to learn of that location’s closing after many years of enjoyment. I did try the Post Road location and was not the same. Prices seemed higher and food quantity and quality seemed to be lower.

  13. Nina Sankovitch

    LOVE Julian’s. Loved it in Saugatuck and love it here.

  14. Pamela Cornfield

    I love Julian’s the food is great but they really have to work on their service. People came when they opened but the service was sub par and left. Think it would be packed otherwise. Owner really should be there full time and have a look at what’s going on there. Would love it to stick around.

  15. Michael Vitelli

    I will absolutely try it
    New to town and appreciate the recommendation

  16. Dan is asking for our local favorites…hands down mine is Bistro Du Soleil. Tucked in the old Saugatuck post office at 615 Riverside Ave, steps from the train station it’s my go to spot when I want a meal where I can actually hear what my dinner guests are saying. The food is amazing. Some say it’s pricey but I say it’s worth every penny. Plus it’s BYOB. Another reason to go? Their walls are filled with local artists works and all of them are available for purchase. Where else can you go for delicious food, the opportunity to hear your dinner guests and dine among local art? Now, if we could just get the alarm company truck to move it’s parking spot so everyone could see the sign for Bistro it would be perfect!