Pic Of The Day #584

Ned Dimes Marina at dusk (Photo/Wendy May)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #584

  1. The photos have been spectacular lately. Captures the best part of Westport…. the light. I will always remember the light. Thank you!

  2. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    The photo brings back memories. Back in the early 80’s while I was still in college my summer job was as a Parks & Rec Security Guard. I frequently pulled night shift duties at Compo and one of my stops was at the marina and check on the night watchman there. He was a kindly old gent who used to buy stale doughnuts on sale and feed them to the local raccoons. One in particular would walk up those steps and come in the open door and take pieces of donuts from the gentleman’s hand. When I questioned whether this was the best diet for the little critter I offered the raccoon a hermit crab that I picked up off the shoreline. When I handed the raccoon the shell (with the crab withdrawn inside) it was bewildered by this thing that didn’t smell like a doughnut. Suddenly the crab popped out and scared the heck out of the raccoon who threw the crab up in the air and ran out the door as fast as he could. It was hilarious. After that failed experiment it was back to doughnuts. Thanks for sharing this picture.