Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful I live in a beautiful town. I am also thankful I’m not a turkey.

24 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Dan, Even if you were a turkey, I’m sure you would receive a Presidential pardon, so 06880 could continue its great job keeping us all informed.

  2. Irwin Sollinger

    Very droll…Enjoy


  3. Vanessa Bradford

    Dan as always you rock! Happy Thanksgiving

  4. THANKS to all!

  5. Ditto On today’s post ! Thanks for your daily Columns Always appreciate & mostly enjoy .

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you Dan.

  7. Michael Calise

    Best to you Dan!

  8. Dan-Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for all you do for Westport. I give thanks to you.

  9. You are definitely not a turkey. You are a Westport institution.

  10. Beverly W. McArthur

    Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

  11. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Thanks Dan. Happy Thanksgiving. I am so appreciative of all you do to keep us informed. I often wonder if you ever have time to eat or sleep. I do know that you can delay a post and have it go out in the middle of the night but I have no idea how you manage all that you accomplish. Again, Thanks!

    • Thanks, Mary (and everyone)! I am thankful to all of you, for being part of our “06880” community (wherever you are now). And I am grateful to be able to do what I do. It takes a village, for sure. I am honored to be part of this one!

  12. Sally Campbell Palmer.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dan! I can’t imagine every day without 06880. Hope you are taking the day off!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan!
    Very thankful for all your work helping us keep informed, educated, entertained, and most of all – connected !

  14. You make Westport a villlage again, and I love it. Thank you vvvv much, m

    • I’m going to start a petition. On Dan’s birthday, once a year, Westport will be referred to as “Woogport” in recognition of Dan and 06880!

  15. Pardons yes….then come the subpoenas. Happy Thanksgiving Dan!

  16. Michele Smolen

    Happy Thanksgiving DAN. Never stop reading your wonderful column.
    And as I always say, thank you for keeping me a Westporter from afar.

  17. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dan! I do really appreciate you and all that you do for the 06880 community, no matter where everyone is! Hope you have a great day and thank you, especially for the beautiful photos of our beloved Westport! Cheers!!

  18. Does anyone know if the Gillespie center is taking food? We have so much left over we would be glad to drive over. Please let me know.


  19. Bonnie Bradley

    Just home from celebrating Thanksgiving with my brother Jim and his family in Fairfield. How nice to be greeted by this posting and all the heartfelt comments… every one expressed my reactions perfectly.
    We are so lucky to have you, Dan. Keep up the outstanding work! 🦃 💞