BREAKING NEWS: Black Duck Lives!

This was just posted on the Black Duck’s Facebook page!

We are beyond pleased to announce that after many days of discussions with our creditors, landlord, and investors, the Duck has been able to secure a financial package which will allow us to continue operations (hopefully for the next 40 years!).

The outpouring of support from our loyal patrons over the past few days has been deeply moving and gratifying, and we sincerely thank you. Like Phoenix, the Duck has risen from the ashes!

To celebrate, please join us this Sunday (November 4), for all day happy hour prices.

(Photo/Chou Chou Merrill)

Just another Tuesday at the Duck. The good times continue!



44 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Black Duck Lives!

  1. Nothing feels so good as being resurrected.

  2. Michael Scherer


  3. See, there is good news now and then 🙂

  4. Wilhelmina de Haas

    OMG THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pete, does this mean I can keep my tab open? 🙂 Penny and I are looking forward to seeing you all when we get back!!

  6. Great news! I will be eating there soon!

  7. WONDERFUL…….has anybody found my Westport Recreation Lifeguard jacket yet? I swear I left it there.

  8. Yay!!!’

  9. David Stalling

    Great news! And now I propose a double toast to Wolfie!

  10. Nothing like getting good news on Friday!!!

  11. Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

  12. very good news. that said, I’m thinking my reaction to the announced closure was like seeing a band leave the stage and assuming there was no encore.

  13. Arline Gertzoff

    Awesome news .Too often people complain about Westport but when the chips are down we do something .When my late mother turned 90 the only thing she wanted to do was to go eat a hamburger at the Black Duck.It was quite a challenge getting her in and out but her delight was worth it.The picture I took says it all.Long live the 🦆

  14. Great!! The best response – go down there and eat and drink. Encourage your friends to do the same. Support the Duck.

  15. They have a landlord?

  16. I’m thirsty…

  17. Yay!!!! Maybe they’ll renovate a bit :-)!!!! This news cause for a bourbon celebration!!!

    Laura A. Incerto 203-984-2708 cell


  18. Congrats to everybody – fantastic news!

  19. Oh yea, the Crest Burger lives on!

  20. Patricia McMahon


  21. I will call off my Oyster Po’ Boy search!!!

  22. Good what a great place

  23. Don’t throw those old Longshore score cards away just yet….

  24. PHEW!!!

  25. Susan Brenner


  26. Robert Fatherley

    Oh joy! Bob and Julie Fatherley



  28. I know it’s a dive bar with lots of family memories, but it’s my dive bar!!!! Thrilled beyond belief that the Duck will remain open.

  29. Awesome!!


  30. Rhona Lieberson

    Wow….oh what a relief it is!!!! Have been soooi saddened and now smiling once again!!!
    Sooo much of life has been at the Duck with my family at Birthday Celebrations as well as Holiday celebrations.
    (eating Apples & Honey with Pete) and hanging out with Herb at the door!!!Even won Best Costume at Halloween Contest one year ( thanks to my date Artist Russ Heath painting beautiful spiders as my costume) much Life at the Duck….I thank whatever and whomever made this work and Pete if you ever need a volunteer wait person…I am here!!

  31. Amy Schneider

    YAY!!! My family is so happy. The Black Duck has been our go-to place when we have visitors. We love the seafood and burgers.

  32. Thank God! (He answered MY prayer…)

  33. Jill Turner Odice

    Far Out!

  34. Jennifer E Rankine

    Such great news! And after this week, a good reminder to visit and shop our favorite local businesses frequently to keep them going strong. Cheers!!

  35. The Duck Quacks! ________________________________

  36. David J. Loffredo

    I bet the ‘duck has more mold than Moldytown Middle School

  37. What a publicity stunt. We’ve all been played. Now they’re going to be open for 40 years? Seriously? What a miracle! People believe this stuff?

  38. Carolyn Joseph

    That is awesome!

  39. Michael Calise

    Don’t believe an obituary until you see the hearse drive by!

  40. Alan Phillips

    Black Duck matters!

  41. Long live the Duck!

  42. Great news!😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎈

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