Westport Moms Offer “Local Love”

It’s easy to bemoan the sorry state of downtown Westport. We talk for hours about empty storefronts, long-gone favorites, and the impending disaster that is the opening of the Norwalk mall.

It’s a lot harder to do something about it.

Thankfully, Megan Rutstein and Melissa Post are on the case.

The Westport moms — who own and operate the wildly popular WestportMoms.com platform — are working hard on a new project.

“Local Love” debuts in late November. Running through 2 weekends, it’s a chance for store and restaurant owners to draw customers by offering discounts. The suggested draw: 20% off for stores, 15% for salons and spas, 10% for restaurants.

“Local Love” will draw shoppers to places they might not know about downtown — and throughout the rest of Westport .

But “Local Love” is a lot more than just a $40 coupon book. A portion of the sales will help build a playground near the new library.

The Westport Downtown Merchants Association, Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and town officials are all behind the idea. And Megan and Melissa are involving shops and restaurants all around Westport — not just downtown.

When I said they were “working hard,” I wasn’t kidding. The duo have spent weeks talking to store and restaurant owners. More than 50 already signed up.

“They’re being very creative with what they offer,” Melissa says. “For example, a store like Tiffany can’t offer discounts.  So they may sponsor a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ You’ll get a lot for your $40.”

The Westport moms can’t hit every spot themselves. So they’re asking business owners to email them (info@westportmoms.com). They’ll announce the entire roster soon.

Watch this space for news about buying that $40 ticket.

Then show your “Local Love.”

9 responses to “Westport Moms Offer “Local Love”

  1. It’s hard to feel “Local Love” for a bunch of national chain stores you can find in any mall. I do appreciate your honesty, Dan, in admitting downtown Westport is in a sorry state, vs the typical boosterism we usually hear from the movers and shakers. But isn’t this a direct result of the landlords feeling the exact opposite of Local Love: forcing out longtime local merchants to take on higher-paying chain stores? Now that the chain stores are contracting, even dying, presumably there will be a recapitulation: rents come down, more local merchants. We can only hope.

    • Right on Peter. The owners will take a hit but they did have years of extraordinary rents. Having grown up in Westport way back in the day, the town was a town and not an outdoor mall. We gave up even going to Westport preferring Fairfield, a more ‘personal’ shopping experience. The nail in the coffin for Main Street is the new soon-to-be mall in Norwalk.

  2. Joan Tricarico

    My thought is that the Y brought people to town. When the kids were dropped off for and hour or so I would shop in town instead of driving home and back again to pick them up. Maybe one some type of kid activity center can open in one of the spaces available or a yoga/workout place for adults.

  3. Danielle Dobin

    Great idea and perfect timing for holiday shopping. Can’t wait to participate especially at local stores like Savvy & Grace! Melissa & Megan are the best.

  4. The Town Green is for the use of all residents.
    A (fenced in) playground arguably runs counter to that.
    I’m not sure such a thing would make it past P&Z.
    Either way, there’s already a playground downtown (CHT).

  5. This is great and far better than the constant bitch Moan and complain syndrome Let all know when the coupon books will be available.

    • Dear “T”,
      You’re perfectly free to disparage others for expressing their opinions.
      But it would probably be better if you used your real name when doing so.

      • Oops, the mysterious Mr. T’s snarly comment got broomed. Guess he didn’t agree to reveal his true identity when asked by Dan. I had a hunch it would go down like that.

  6. This is a great idea! Thank you, Westportmoms!