Westport Moms Own WestportMoms.com

Westport moms have lots of options.

Also, lots of questions.

How do I find the right summer camp? What activities can I do with my 2-year-old? Where can I find a place for a great brunch with my husband?

Up to now, those answers were scattered all over the Googlesphere.

Starting a couple of weeks ago, they’re aggregated all in one place.

Fittingly, it’s called WestportMoms.com.

The site is the work of (duh) Westport moms. Megan Rutstein and Melissa Post are the type of active, plugged-in women friends often turn to for advice.

Megan Rutstein and Melissa Post enjoy a WestportMoms event, at The Cottage.

Megan Rutstein and Melissa Post enjoy a WestportMoms event, at The Cottage.

When Megan and Melissa heard about GreenwichMoms.com — the brainchild of Layla Jafar — and similar pages for Darien and New Canaan, they realized it was a perfect platform for Westport too.

And they’re the perfect partners to produce it.

Megan and Melissa are responsible for all local content. (Which includes Weston and — at least for the moment — Wilton and Fairfield.)

The other day, the home page included “M&M Picks” (All Birds Sneakers for moms, Mad Mattr for munchkins); a New Year’s resolution on cooking healthier meals (with recipes for, um, pizza quesadillas and baked chicken fingers); a story on chef Brian Lewis, the man behind the wildly popular restaurant The Cottage, and a “Meet a Mom” feature with, actually, 2 moms (the founders of Granola Bar).

The rest of the site includes an events calendar (heavy on story time for toddlers); lists of public, private and preschools plus summer camps, and a resources page with links to activities, attractions, babysitting and nanny agencies, pet care, fitness health and beauty (from gyms to botox), pediatricians and pediatric dentists, restaurants and specialty food stores (there are plenty!), shopping and products.

Part of the home page of WestportMoms.com

Part of the home page of WestportMoms.com

WestportMoms.com makes money from advertising partners and sponsored listings.

The graphics are spare. That’s fine. Moms who log on want information, not splashy photos.

And to answer everyone’s question: Sure. There’s tons of good info on WestportMoms for Westport dads too.

5 responses to “Westport Moms Own WestportMoms.com

  1. Love it. Great addition. They are right on targetnfor whats going on. Smart girls-smart moms.

  2. Roberta Tager

    Megan and Melissa…..How wonderful!!!
    Do pat yourselves on the back ! Sweet! Most helpful! Great creation for so many!😊💥🎈❤️

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    Great story! I look at those two beautiful, vibrant young women and immediately think back to when I was a young mom of three in Westport in the 1960s… How terrific (and less lonely) it would have been then to have had the kind of information, support and community WestportMoms.com obviously provides. Many of us in those days were pretty isolated, completely on our own except for maybe our families. Go girls!

  4. Judy Ginsberg

    I’m not a Westport mom but a I am a westport Grandma and enjoyed reading all the articles. Lots of information I about places I didn’t know about. Wonderful job.

  5. Danielle Dobin

    Such a great resource. Wonderful job, Megan & Melissa!