Photo Challenge #194

Last Sunday’s Photo Challenge showed a glass display case, with notices about dogs: registration, adoption, fixing.

I said: “We’ve all walked by it — often. But how many of us actually notice it?”

Apparently, no one. A couple of folks guessed Winslow Park. Logical, but wrong.

Only Bob Colson said Town Hall. That’s where it is: Just outside the front door, at the top of the steps next to the big white column.

Hopefully the info is also available at the Town Clerk’s office — the “spot” (ho ho) for dog licenses.

Because it’s clear no one sees it where it is: hiding in plain sight. (Click here for the photo.)

This week’s Photo Challenge comes from Peter Barlow.

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

He offers 2 hints: This photo does not show the object’s original location. It’s now in his yard, but that’s not where Westporters would have seen it.

And this is not the only one. At one point, there were a dozen or so.

If you think you know where you might once have seen this, click “Comments” below.

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #194

  1. Longshore

  2. At the Mjnuteman Statue

  3. Neither guess is correct — sorry!

  4. Because Peter Barlow is a marine photographer I’m guessing that this is a marine object…like a bumper. Perhaps he lives on the shore and these wash up.

  5. Is this a marker for a lobster pot or an oyster bed, once in Long Island Sound, now with bamboo pole broken off?

  6. Mr Barlow owes (or did own) a boat/sailboat. Taking a quess from Ms. Kaye comment being marine (water) related and Dan saying “close…semi marine”…” a couple dozen of these around” back in the day… Hmmm.🤔🤔 A monument or anchor to tie off a small marine vessel along the protected part of the river or protected inlet where there are no docks. (Why I say ‘protected’ because this wouldn’t hold (survive) strong currents and high tide cycles). Where this would be?? Along Sasco Creek or up stream Saugatuck River….

  7. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    Since no one’s gotten it yet, can I chime in with another hint? My father (that Peter Barlow marine photographer guy🙂) has several of these things saved from long ago…I only know the answer to this challenge due to his explaining these objects to me my whole life…that is to say—and here’s the hint—I have no recollection of ever seeing these things in their original (yes, semi-marine) location and I am 50 years old. So, we need some old time Westporters on board for this one! Hopefully my father has furnished Dan with a photo or 2 of the items in their original setting to eventually satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

    • I think this is where Ms Thomas stashed her collection of “Pow” attire. which she is know to change into when fighting crime in the rough streets of Westport, whole humming “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”

  8. Jonathan McClure

    Concrete architectural finial from a long ago demolished Compo Beach structure?

  9. Ok. This one is for the older time Westporter’s. You’re up to bat. We who are in the 45 year to 50 year old crowd that Mrs Thomas (Mr Barlow’s daughter) and myself are in are apparently too young to remember these decorative monuments statues. Hmmm “50 to 100 yards from water”…..

  10. It’s either decorative edging on an estate or entrance to something that was owned by someone involved in the marine business (a Captain of a large ship) or Depending how far back we’re going with this…. Decorative monument (s) to tie your horses or horse drawn carriage too. Semi-marine…. 🤔These monuments were inland but have something to do with the marine business…. Mr Barlow is enjoying us 😏scratching our heads trying to figure this out 😎😀

  11. It looks like a small tombstone. Maybe for a child and possibly from the 1700s. Remind me of the small tombstones that were to the right of the water hazard on the 13th hole at Longshore golf course.

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    Okay, so I’m going to take a shot at this.

    For some reason, I feel like I’ve seen these pieces, when I was very young, and when my mom took me on short walks around the cemeteries along the Kings Highway/Old Hill Road stretch.

    So, perhaps these were placed around the older burial grounds, located close to the corner of Kings Highway Road and Riverside Ave., just across the road from the Fort Apache medical offices?

    Hey, it’s kinda close to water, aye? Saugatuck River counts, no? 😁

    • No, actually not that far inland. Mr McClure is the only one that named it correctly. The hints were “semi-marine’ and ” only 50 to 100 yards away from water”. Mr McClure the spires were on part of a former building now gone at Compo. Dan said “Yes that’s correct, the spires where on top of the roof of brick bathrooms at Compo now gone. Bathrooms remain”. Your quess sounded pretty good too! (That was way before my time… a roof on the Compo bathrooms… I never would have figure that out).

      • If you look at the brick bathhouse today you will notice many vertical brick posts along the main walls. Each of these posts had a spire on top. They were removed, perhaps needlessly, after one broke off during a 1950s hurricane. Dan has my photo showing two of them in place.