Remembering John Leimseider

John Leimseider — a 1970 Staples High School graduate, who went on to play with Iron Butterfly, then became one of the world’s leading electronic instrument and equipment technicians — has died. He was 66.

At Staples, Leimseider was a member of the legendary band Smoke. They still get together, and play at class reunions.

This story was posted on the CBC website. Leimseider worked in Calgary as the National Music Centre’s electronics technician since 2002. The CBC story quotes the NMC: 

He was an incredibly kind, talented and gifted person. He was one of the world’s most sought-after electronic instrument and equipment technicians who had serviced instruments for many of the most celebrated musicians of our time. Throughout his 40-year career, he was a mentor to countless technicians, engineers and musicians. 

John Leimseider (Photo/Allison Dempster for CBC)

According to the CBC, in 2015, Leimseider restored a legendary mobile recording studio that was owned by The Rolling Stones.

Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie, and many other artists, made music with the recording equipment.

Leimseider spent decades as a musician in Los Angeles. In the late ’70s and early ’80s he was a keyboard player for the psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly.

He also recently restored The Original New Timbral Orchestra — one of the world’s largest analog synthesizers — for the NMC.

Leimseider is survived by his wife Laura, his son Noah and daughter Zoë.

(For the full CBC story, click here. Hat tip: Fred Cantor)

3 responses to “Remembering John Leimseider

  1. Rest in eternal peace.May the eternal light shine upon you. Thank you for being you

  2. Thank you all for your love and support. Losing this man is very hard to contemplate. There will never be another John Leimseider. If you had had the pleasure of knowing this man you would know why this is such crushing news. Many more of you had the pleasure of hearing him play. It was an absolute honor to play bass and guitar with and sing for this man. When you have the privilege of making music with a keyboard player as innately talented as John Leimseider, it is an experience that stays with you. Forever. Try another verse in A flat minor? No problem. White keys. Black keys. All 88 keys were John’s playground. I have never met a person more comfortable and fluid on the keyboard. Beethoven? Sure. Winwood? Why not? You get the idea. There was something about John’s spirit and aura that is impossible to put into words. One look at his Yoda-like gaze, and the tensions of the world would fall away. I cannot believe that the man that wailed on “Born To Be Wild” with us fellow SMOKIES two weeks ago, will not make it to the next gig. This one really hits home. God, I’ll miss you John.

  3. John was a friend of mine at Staples, sad to hear of his passing so early. condolences to his wife, and son and daughter on their untimely loss.