Westport Lifestyle: Read All About It!

Yesterday, I landed in nearly 10,000 Westport mailboxes.

Well, not “I,” exactly.

Westport Lifestyle — a new magazine — did.

But there I was, on pages 28 and 29.

With not only a great writeup, but a very cool photo by John Videler.

So, since Westport Lifestyle publisher Marisa MacLean was nice enough to profile me for her debut issue, the least I can do is the same for her, here.

Marisa MacLean

Marisa has a long career in advertising, media and sales. She thinks big: One of her projects was selling billboards in Times Square.

After taking a break from the corporate world for a few years to start a family — and moving to Westport — Marisa was eager to get back into media. Westport Lifestyle — part of national, Kansas City-based Lifestyle Publications — was the perfect vehicle.

Marisa spends her free time exploring Westport, and spending time with her husband, 2 kids, and Yorkie/Maltese mix, Max.

Her new magazine focuses on new restaurants, local businesses, charities and happenings in the 06880. Her goal is for readers to discover new things, while recognizing familiar people and places.

She’s on the lookout for interesting stories, and partners to feature. Email her: marisa.maclean@lifestylepubs.com.

Tell her the guy on pages 28 and 29 sent you.

(Click here for Westport Lifestyle’s online version.)

17 responses to “Westport Lifestyle: Read All About It!

  1. Janette Kinnally

    Yes, I saw it. Great article about you Dan. Welcome Marisa’s publication about our beautiful town!

  2. Michael Calise

    got it! Interesting issue and profile

  3. Fine column on you Dan ! ice to know more about you . Love your blog .

  4. Thank you all!

  5. Bob Selverstone


    My first reaction was – what a great photo; you ought to use it from now on – and forever!


  6. Fred Cantor

    A well-deserved article that was nicely done. Congrats!

    Dan, I have one question for you though: (as they say at the Oscars red carpet) who are you wearing? I’m just not accustomed to seeing this kind of stylish wardrobe! (Diller, if you’re reading this, I imagine you had the same reaction.)

  7. I owe it all to Suited.co.

  8. Iain Bruce

    Your blog post inspired me to retrieve the magazine from the recycling bin and open it. Nice photo and nice piece.

  9. Mitchell Thompson

    IBruce, I’m curious why you felt the need to post the fact that you had initially thrown the magazine away without giving it a look ???

    • Iain Bruce

      So that nobody would have any doubt about what I think of so-called “lifestyle”magazines.

  10. Frances White

    It was awesome to see you in that mag. You are such an important part of our community and we are lucky to have you as our voice and encouraging our voices (within reason). Thanks.

  11. Rebecca Ellsley

    Dan nice article and great photo of you. Very interesting new magazine I wish it success. The photo on the cover was also great

  12. Michele Smolen

    Dan such a wonderful picture of you.
    I am one of your avid ex- Westporters who still and will always
    ‘look in’

    • Thanks, Michele – but there’s no such thing as an “ex-Westporter.” This place is like the Hotel California: You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave!

  13. Nicole Klein

    Dan. You are the BEST!!! Thank you Marisa MacLean for featuring one of our finest Westport treasures!

  14. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Nice to see you still looking so good.

  15. Congratulations Marisa on the magazine and your gorgeous picture!