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Westport Lifestyle: Read All About It!

Yesterday, I landed in nearly 10,000 Westport mailboxes.

Well, not “I,” exactly.

Westport Lifestyle — a new magazine — did.

But there I was, on pages 28 and 29.

With not only a great writeup, but a very cool photo by John Videler.

So, since Westport Lifestyle publisher Marisa MacLean was nice enough to profile me for her debut issue, the least I can do is the same for her, here.

Marisa MacLean

Marisa has a long career in advertising, media and sales. She thinks big: One of her projects was selling billboards in Times Square.

After taking a break from the corporate world for a few years to start a family — and moving to Westport — Marisa was eager to get back into media. Westport Lifestyle — part of national, Kansas City-based Lifestyle Publications — was the perfect vehicle.

Marisa spends her free time exploring Westport, and spending time with her husband, 2 kids, and Yorkie/Maltese mix, Max.

Her new magazine focuses on new restaurants, local businesses, charities and happenings in the 06880. Her goal is for readers to discover new things, while recognizing familiar people and places.

She’s on the lookout for interesting stories, and partners to feature. Email her:

Tell her the guy on pages 28 and 29 sent you.

(Click here for Westport Lifestyle’s online version.)

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