Photo Challenge #171

Readers had to reflect hard on last week’s photo challenge.


Peter Barlow’s intriguing image showed homes and office near Belden Place, reflected in the glass of the green office building that hulks on Gorham Island, off Parker Harding Plaza.

Fred Cantor, Michael Calise, Stephanie Ehrman and Mary Ann Batsell guessed Belden Place/215 Main Street. But Edward Bloch and Joelle Harris Malec were most precise, noting the reflective building (which replaced a much more bucolic Victorian house, more than 30 years ago). Click here for the great photo, and all guesses.

This week’s photo challenge has a twist. Barbara Sherburne sent me a gorgeous watercolor, by Mitchell Hager. She thinks she knows where it is — but she’s not sure.

If you know, click “Comments” below. Then tell us a bit more about the house!

36 responses to “Photo Challenge #171

  1. The Gault barn on Sout Compo?

  2. Michael Calise

    My Heart tells me Morningside drive but I don’t have a clue

  3. Richard Marcus

    Was this the old Wakeman’s Farm?

  4. So far you guys are 0-for-3.

  5. Looks like what used to be the Farm on North Avenue

  6. House on Cross Highway just before North Avenue?

  7. Jacques Voris

    Looks like the old Cross Highway Garage at 113 Cross Highway to me

  8. It looks like it might be artistic license set on Cross Highway with a combination of the historic house by Hockanum and the old red building further up Cross Hwy closer to North Avenue.

  9. Actually, I think that house is way too small to be inspired by the one by Hockanum and the red buildings too large to be inspired by the one closer to North Avenue. I am very curious to know the answer to this since it seems familiar but I can’t come close to placing it.

  10. Wow – this one continues to stump many champs, including Michael Calise, Jacques Voris and Fred Cantor. Most of the guesses are pretty close, but not quite there.

  11. Matt Murray

    Another stab at it: It is the home that sits at the triangle of one way roads or Red Coat Road at exit 41.

  12. Michael Calise

    May be the Stahursky Farm on North Maple

  13. Kira Ganga Kieffer

    24 Cross Highway (corner of Cross Highway and Compo North)?

  14. Werner Liepolt

    The old Rippe’s farm on North Avenue.

  15. It must be the Gault barn on South Compo Road, no?

  16. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I don’t know if this will help, but the artist died in 1976.

  17. Mitch Hager’s son is Bob Hager, who was the NBC news correspondent for many years. He now lives, with his wife, Honey, in Vermont. Always hear from him and enjoy his hand-made card (featuring his own artwork) every Christmas.I have his address if you would like to contact him.

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      Eve, can you share this photo with Bob Hager and see if he knows a backstory on it or the street number address?

  18. Still no correct answers. This might be a photo challenge record.

  19. Nancy Wilson

    Turkey Hill

  20. 113 Cross Highway? An antique house with several barns and outbuildings.

  21. Keep trying…

  22. Cheryl McKenna

    On the corner of north ave and long lots. Was once Martha Stewart’s home project.

  23. Sharon Paulsen

    Across from Hunt Club (like, in the Hulls Highway area-ish?).

  24. Charlotte Thomas Ciardi

    Corner of Long Lots and Turkey Hill across from the Adams house?

  25. Andrew Colabella

    Long lots and Maple Ave North corner?

  26. Andrew Colabella

    Right across from 101 Cross Highway!

  27. Scott Brodie

    Looks a lot like the old Parcell’s Garden Mart with the barn behind it, recently demolished for condos.

  28. Annelise McCay

    Wakeman Town Farm