Photo Challenge #170

Burying Hill Beach may or may not have been a burial ground for the Native Americans who lived here long ago, or the early settlers who displaced them.

It may also be Westport’s least-known beach — or finest gem.

But Burying Hill definitely was the subject of last week’s photo challenge. Larry Untermeyer captured it in all its often overlooked glory. Click here for his compelling photo.

Lawrence Zlatkin, Fred Cantor, Ralph Balducci, Stephanie Ehrman, Michael Calise, Barbara Sherburne, Wendy Cusick, Will Luedke, Jonathan McClure, Linda Amos, Diane Bosch, Jalna Jaeger, Seth Goltzer, Mary Jennings and Mary Ann Batsell all know Burying Hill — and all correctly identified Larry’s image.

And — as she often does — Wendy added important historical context (thanks to

The generations came and went. The first colonial settlers were interred at “Burying Hill” on the Sound until 1725, when a new colonial burying ground was established (and still exists) west of Muddy Brook beside the Country (now Green’s Farms) Road. Little was left of the original cemetery when the Town of Westport took over Burying Hill for a town park and beach in 1893; and no evidence remains today of that spot’s “ancient history.”

For this week’s challenge, please identify the exact spot where Peter Barlow took his photo. Be as specific as possible when you click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Peter Barlow)


13 responses to “Photo Challenge #170

  1. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    However… I buried a lot of brain cells there.

  2. Michael Calise

    post road east in front of Jessup green

  3. Back of where Pack Roads used to be.

  4. Fred Cantor

    I first looked on my old not-so-smart phone, but can now see a better pic on my mini-iPad. I think it’s just north on Main Street—up the block from the old Pack Roads. Perhaps the little lane there—Belden Lane or something like that.

  5. Michael Calise

    Belden Place

  6. Edward Bloch

    He was facing the Gorham Island office building which reflects a view of buildings near the intersection of Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza (I think).

  7. Stephanie Ehrman

    The buildings between 215 Main Street and the the north bank building, across from town hall.

  8. Correct — especially Edward Bloch. It’s the houses and offices around Belden Place, reflected in the glass of the big green office building on Gorham Island. Good job!

  9. Its the reflection off the windows from the Gorham Island Office building of the older buildings behind main street that are adjacent to the House of Clement accessed from Parker Harding.

  10. Patricia Higgins Muskus

    We lived on Maple Lane and could walk to Burying Hill beach. We wenr there very often for 24 years and loved it

  11. Mary Ann Batsell

    Behind Main St and Parker Harding, behind Dr. Luck’s office and the old Pack Roads shopping area.