They’re Back!

Spotted near Terrain yesterday.

Welcome home!

(Photo/Susan Iseman)

11 responses to “They’re Back!


  2. Rindy Higgins

    Both or just one? The male usually shows up first. I’m monitoring a two Westport nests for Osprey Nation. Both are back on one nest, only the male on the other. Happy Spring!

  3. Dorothy Abrams

    Looks like a new town supervisor

  4. My husband and I enjoyed brunch at terrain today and really loved the view of the nest from the cafe. I only saw one. Not sure if it was the male or female. Either way, they were very hard at work renovating the nest! It was absolutely magical to see. The branches that were being used as lumber all got meticulously worked into the nest. Such Beautiful creatures.

    Sarah Marceau

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Sarah, if the angle is right you can tell them apart because the female wears a “brown necklace” while the chest of the male is plain white. Once the eggs are laid and the chicks hatch, the mother is on the nest almost all the time while the male goes fishing to feed everybody.

  5. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    I’m glad to see this….I’ve been watching the nest in ash creek….I haven’t seen them yet but maybe they’re back…love these birds…

  6. Wonderful sign of Spring right💥👍🏼
    April 2nd
    Springtime snow really???❄️

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